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An exciting new world of jewelry making!

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At Work, At Play, Discover Bracelets for Everyday . . .
Everyday Bracelets!
A Brand-New eMag from the editors of Stringing magazine.

Download the brand-new jewelry eMag Everyday Bracelets and take an interactive journey through all the must-knows of fundamental jewelry-making techniques - right on your computer screen.

Packed with video tips, interactive articles, design inspiration, and 14 step-by-step projects, Everyday Bracelets is your opportunity to step inside an exciting new world of jewelry making


Learn essential techniques and how-tos in Everyday Bracelets, including:

  • Video demonstrations from the experts: Watch and learn with 21 fundamental videos, including 6 tips for stamping success from industry leader Lisa Niven Kelly.  
  • Endless design inspiration: Uncover helpful style tips from top designers including killer color combinations, Candie Cooper, Katie Hacker and Jamie Hogsett’s favorite bracelet projects, and even a dancing bracelet boogie!
  • Informative tips and tricks: Discover favorite finds—10 must-have jewelry-making supplies, individual resource photos for fool-proof shopping, and an index of tools and instruments.
  • Tips from the industry’s top artists:  Get answers to the questions you have being dying to ask with a Q&A with some of the jewelry world’s leading ladies—haven’t you always wondered what sized beading wire to use for your projects (the first time)?
  • Step by step projects: Create 14 delectable designs in fun themes including garden cottage, beachy keen, and county fair. Discover how to make each bracelet with step-by-step photos and a 360? view of each completed piece.
  • And much, much more!


File/Trim Size: 320 MB

Format: eMag

Table of Contents

Q: What software do I need to view this Everyday Bracelets eMag?

A: Everyday Bracelets requires a simple software application called Adobe® Air® that’s easy to use and can be installed on your computer for free. Everyday Bracelets includes articles, videos, galleries, hyperlinks to inspiring and informative websites, and so much more. With just the click of your mouse, you can open and play videos, view slideshows, and easily navigate through the eMag.

Please read the system requirements and installation guide below

Q: How is Everyday Bracelets different then the digital edition of Stringing magazine?

A: Everyday Bracelets is an entirely unique product; separate from Stringing and its special issue magazines. This eMag provides interactive capabilities and focuses solely on creating successful jewelry. Unlike digital editions of Stringing and special issues, which are exact replications of the print editions, Everyday Bracelets was developed as a digital product so it can capitalize on all the benefits of digital media capabilities—including videos, slideshows, close-ups of individual steps, projects that can be downloaded and printed, abilities to hyperlink to websites, and more.

Q: Will Everyday Bracelets be available as a print magazine?

A: Everyday Bracelets was built as a digital product; therefore it will not be printed as a traditional magazine. However, we hope you take advantage of the many printable materials included in Everyday Bracelets. 

Q: Is Everyday Bracelets available as a subscription?

A: Everyday Bracelets is considered a special digital publication and is not available for a subscription. Each Everyday Bracelets eMag is a single issue and available as a single download.

Q: Does Everyday Bracelets mean that Stringing magazine will stop printing?

A: Absolutely not! Stringing print and digital magazines are entirely separate offerings to the jewelry world. Stringing is still our flagship publication and we have exciting issues of it and other jewelry instruction magazines to come!


File/Trim Size: 320 MB

Format: eMag