Exploring Unique Textile Design: Creating Seamless Repeat Patterns in Photoshop Elements

in Margaret Applin in this Live Web Seminar on February, 13, 2014 as she discusses how to create pattern repeats with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 for use on your own fabrics!
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  • Artists who would like to know how to create seamless repeat patterns to design their own fabrics and papers
  •  Artists who enjoyed Margaret’s first webinar, “Enhance Your Quilting With Digital Surface Design Techniques: Creating Brushes in Photoshop® Elements” and want to learn more creative ways to use those brushes to build designs
  • Artists who are interested in maximizing the potential of their artwork
  • Artists who are looking to enhance their current digital design skills using Photoshop® Elements
  •  Artists who want to know more about using layers in their digital design
  • Artists who want to take their art from paper to fabric
  • Artists with no digital design experience interested in learning how they can use it in their current creative process

Pattern and color surround us in our everyday lives and supply us with a constant source of inspiration. Whether you purchase a roll of wrapping paper or a new dress, color and pattern have been intentionally laid out in repeat to apply to many consumer products. Recently, the popularity of digital printing has increased with companies such as Spoonflower.com offering affordable personal printing services. What does this mean to you as an artist? More opportunities for you to create your own unique artwork on paper, fabric and more!


By now your head is probably spinning with ideas for your own fabric designs, but you are not really sure how to get started. Whether you are going to sell it as a product or use it to construct art quilts, wearable art or decorate your home with, you want your art to look as professional as possible, right? Start here by learning how to create easy seamless repeat patterns in Photoshop® Elements 10!


Photoshop® Elements 10 is the perfect program to create easy seamless repeat pattern layouts using your own artwork for textile design and digital printing. In this webinar, Margaret shows you how to lay out a seamless repeat pattern using images previously saved as brushes and demonstrates how to transform them into layered colorful designs.



  • Create a simple repeat pattern using layers
  • Create a seamless repeat pattern with a more professional look
  • Use the grid tool to help you place design elements
  • Use the align and distribute tools to create symmetrical placement of design elements
  • Use the color picker tool to select desired colors for your design elements
  • Test pattern designs and troubleshoot imperfections
  • Save your designs for digital printing and web publishing


Margaret Applin is a mixed-media artist from Massachusetts who is passionate about color, shape and design. Margaret enjoys exploring various studio techniques for creating surface design such as stamp and stencil making, drawing, mono-printing, screen-printing, and straight digital design to develop the building blocks that define her artwork. Her love of digital design inspires Margaret to use her artwork to create simple and complex pattern designs with a fresh, textured and playfully-elegant look and feel. Margaret has published numerous articles on art-quilting, mixed-media and digital design with Interweave/FW Media. A full listing of articles is available on Margaret’s website at margaretapplinartdesign.com/bio. Visit Interweavestore.com to purchase Margaret’s live webinar, “Enhance Your Quilting With Digital Surface Design Techniques: Creating Brushes in Photoshop Elements,” and instructional DVD’s, “Digital Design for Screen Printing: Creating Mini Canvas Screens for Surface Design” and “Paint, Print, Layer, Collage: Creating With Personal Imagery.”

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Customer Reviews

Excellent, professionally presented and visually informative Review by Rachel

Margaret is an excellent natural teacher. This webinar video is full of practical detail presented in Margaret's usual professional manner. The handout notes that came with the video copy of the webinar are an excellent addition to the video package and worth their weight in gold as far as I am concerned. It's great to be able to see and follow what Margaret was doing step by step in video format,( not just a slide show presentation like other webinars I have attended). I would not hesitate to recommend this and any of Margaret's other videos to my friends.

(Posted on 2/26/14)