Fabric Fireworks Pillows and Lampshade

Use tiny pieces of fabric to make a big impact in these pillow and lampshade firework designs!

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The smallest fabric scraps create a big impact when combined in a design reminiscent of fireworks. Choose colors that harmonize, and appliqué them at random. Let your creative side show, as you make pillows and a coordinating lampshade.

FABRIC (for three pillows )
— Main: 1 2/3 yd Osnaburg unbleached
cotton (linen or natural muslin), 45"
— Appliqués: A variety of printed cotton
scraps, at least 3" × 3"

— One 14" × 14" pillow form (Pillow A)
— One 18" × 18" pillow form (Pillow B)
— 1/2 yd low-loft batting (Pillow C)
— Fiberfill stuffing
— 1 yd of 805 fusible web
Wonder-Under, 17"
— Matching thread
— Rotary cutter, rigid ruler,
self-healing mat
— Needle to match fabric weight (10/12)

Finished sizes
Pillow A: 14" × 14" square
Pillow B: 18" × 18" square
Pillow C: 18" × 9" oblong

FABRIC (for one lampshade)
— Osnaburg unbleached cotton. To
determine fabric quantity needed
to cover the shade, measure the
circumference of the shade at its
base. If using a drum shade, the
base circumference is the length
of fabric you will need in inches. If
using a conical shade (wider at the
bottom than the top), add 12" to your
measurement to allow for the curve
of your shade.
— Cotton scraps

— White lampshade
— Fusible paper-backed webbing (Heat
N Bond is one brand name)
— Disappearing ink fabric marker or
tailor’s chalk
— Thread to match fabric
— Spray adhesive
— Fabric glue
— One pack spring clothespins
— Masking tape
— Fabric-safe marker


Depends on the lampshade size
(sample is 41 1/2 " diameter)

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Laura Boynton

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