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Create 72 Hand-Dyed Colors for Your Stash: 5 Fused Quilt Projects!

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Beginner fabric dyers will delight in Frieda Anderson’s user-friendly guide to coloring your own cloth. If you’re new to dyeing, or simply want to perfect your practice, you’ll find all the necessary information within these pages. Anderson focuses on Procion MX dyes and comprehensibly takes the reader through all steps of the fabric dyeing process, from preparing the fixative to mixing the dyes and immersing the fabrics. She focuses on gradation dyeing in particular, demonstrating how just a few colors can be used to create a collection of fabrics in a range of harmonized hues, and discusses the technicalities of color families, tints, and complements.

Techniques for dyeing fabric flat and dye painting are also included. Anderson even outlines the basics of fusing and finishing your quilts, and includes five fusing projects to help you put your newly dyed fabrics to use. For a first-time dyer, this basic and straightforward guide has all you need to get started.
Table of Contents

Getting Started
          All about dyes & fabrics
          Simple equipment
          Workspace setup
          What to wear
Preparing Your Dye & Fabric
          Pretreating fabric
          Mixing & Measuring
          The Color Wheel
Dyeing the Basic Gradations
          Understanding gradations
          At a-glance dye chart
          Dyeing a rainbow of colors
Dyeing More Gradations
          Dyeing complementary colors
          Color families & tints
Dyeing Fabric Flat
          Making dye “platters”
          Drip dyeing
          Dye painting
          Special effects
Washing & Drying Your Fabric
          About detergents
          Setting the dye
          Finished fabric
          Quick cleanup
          Flower quilts
          Tree quilts
          Artist & friends gallery
Fusing & Finishing Basics
          Easy fabric fusing
          Layering, quilting, & binding
          A special quilt sleeve
Daily Walk
Autumnal Trees
Amish Leaves
About the Author

About the Author
I made my first quilt when I was in high school. I have always made things, and I love the process of creating. In college I majored in Art History and minored in ceramics, but I returned to fiber because it was more satisfying. I can't remember when I didn't sew. For years my focus was designing and making clothing. All that changed in 1992, however, when I was in fashion design and realized that all I wanted to do was make quilts. I have been designing and making original quilts ever since.

I find each step of quilt making, from the beginning to the end, a real challenge. It is hard to say what part I like best. I love the pure creativity involved in conceiving and designing a new quilt. I love to piece and I love to fuse. I have found that by fusing smaller pieces, I can work out design issues. Then I like to make a bigger, bolder statement and piece the same quilt in a large format. Most of my work is machine quilted and nature inspired. Everyday I walk in a little wood near my home with my dog George. Much of what I see there appears in my work.

I discovered hand dyeing fabric 16 years ago, and I now work almost exclusively with my own hand dyed cottons and silks. I love the dye process, and I particularly enjoy seeing the colors emerge from the wet fabric.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Frieda Anderson

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781571208231

Customer Reviews

Eagerly Awaited Book! Review by Jennifer Janzer

Freida is an amazing fabric dyer! I've had the pleasure of meeting her at a quilt show, purchasing, and using her beautiful hand dyed fabrics in my art quilts. I''m so glad she has shared her dying process with the world. She has made it very simple, straight forward, and taken all the fear out of the process. My dying workstation is ready to go now because of Freida! Thanks!

(Posted on 4/7/10)