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Jenny Rolfe's unique style makes this book stand out from other bag books.

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Jenny Rolfe's unique style makes this book stand out from other bag books. Her sense of colour and choice of fabrics, threads and embellishments, combined with her beautiful bag and purse designs, make this a unique collection of projects. The step by step photography of techniques and projects and clear explanations will make quilting and free machine embroidery techniques achievable for needleworkers of all skill levels, and once readers have created their own richly embroidered fabrics, they will be able to make them up in to the desirable bags and purses Jenny has designed.

There is nothing quite like owning a stylish, unique handmade bag or purse that you have created yourself. Jenny Rolfe has used quilting and free machine embroidery techniques to create a stunning collection of bags and purses for all occasions. All the techniques are explained fully, including how to make your own fabrics using ribbons and bondable fibre and how to makecords to give your bags and purses that really personal touch. The fabrics used include cottons, silks and felts, as well as the more exotic metallic organza, chiffon, velvet and netting. Variegated and metallic machine threads add texture, and the bags and purses are futher embellished with beads, sequins, shisha mirrors and wire in various colours. Detailed step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow text show how to construct and decorate five beautiful bags and six purses. Uses material from Handmade Embroidered Bags (9781844480296) and Handmade Embroidered Purses (9781844481743)

  1. Jenny Rolfe creates extremely desirable bags and purses that readers will want to make for themselves or  to give as gifts.

  2. Quilting and free machine embroidery techniques are simply explained and shown through clear step by step photographs, so that needlecraft enthusiasts of all skill levels will want to have a go themselves.
  3. Jenny Rolfe's artistry in choosing fabrics, threads and embellishments and her beautifully designed bags and purses make this a unique collection of projects.


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About the Author
Jenny Rolfe is a textile artist with a background in quilting. Feeling restricted by traditional quilting, she took a course in design and discovered a whole new world of colour and form. She began to make her own fabric using dyeing, painting, printing, stamping, sponging, stencilling and free machine embroidery techniques, and moved on from quilts to wall hangings. Later she combined her passion for textiles with her lifelong love of bags. Jenny has won many prizes and her work has been widely exhibited in the UK and USA. She teaches classes for quilting groups and Embroiderers' Guild groups and has had many articles published in patchwork and quilting magazines.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Jenny Rolfe

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781844483938