Face Mask with Pam Carriker

In This Session: Most of us try to put our best face forward, but often there are many thoughts and processes occurring beneath the surface that our outward appearance masks. In this introspective art journaling exercise, you'll learn masking techniques for creating a "safe zone" to unload those thoughts and feelings our outward mask hides.

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Painting a face. Where do the eyes go? The nose? What is that space called above the lips? Where do I shadow this thing?


Pam Carriker removes all trepidation by showing you quick and easy methods for planning and painting faces using a simple stencil. Chart your colors like mathematical equations while creating a beautifully layered, finished journal page.


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Meet Pam!

Pam Carriker has created art with a variety of media over more than 20 years. She has served on several design teams, and has been featured in magazines including Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studios, The Stamper's Sampler, Art Journaling, and Somerset Apprentice. She currently teaches a successful online workshop series through Creative Workshops and Crescendoh Creative Lab.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome Review by Wendy

Loved this video. Makes painting faces easy!

Free head illustration to use for mask and stencil:

(Posted on 5/26/14)

I love Pam's faces! Review by Nancy

Pam is a pretty terrific teacher and I would love to take one of her classes in person one day. The video is a decent substitute, although I am feeling the same way as Dina- I am wishing for a PDF download with the mask outline. All-in-all, it was still worthwhile without the "cheatsheet"

(Posted on 4/10/14)

Pam was a wonderful instructor Review by Dina

I really enjoyed this class. Pam did a great job of breaking down the steps. I do wish it had come with one of the stencils, but otherwise it is a great class.

(Posted on 3/3/14)

Faces and more faces Review by Janene

Pam Carriker is one of my favorite instructors. She explains everything well, and her demonstrations are very well done. While she is creating a page in her journal you can easily see how these techniques fit into wall art and collages as well. I recommend this video.

(Posted on 2/27/14)

par excellence :) Review by Milena

I recommend buying: excellent video quality, Pam Carriker is (
as always) an excellent teacher - detailed instructions, no time wasting, a lot of tips and tricks (masking, color mixing...)...a pure pleasure to watch how she creates a page in Art Journal (and face - sketching and painting) with limited art supplies...

(Posted on 1/11/14)