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Digital Products: eMag Download

What is an eMag?

Interweave’s eMags are an entirely unique product, separate from our print magazines.  Unlike Digital Magazines, which are exact replications of the print editions, eMags are developed as digital products to provide a multi-media experience, a digital environment that lets you see crafts and artists in action with all the finer details. 

It includes videos, slideshows with zoom options that let you zero in on interesting details, patterns that can be downloaded and printed, links to useful information, products, and other interactive features.  We have developed eMags for Beading, Jewelry Making, Knitting, Mixed Media, Quilting, Sewing, and Spinning currently.  

What type of file is an eMag?  Why are there two different versions?

Our eMagazines are a composite of Video, Text, PDF files, galleries, links and more. Due to this, they are not PDF files but are either .exe for PC or .dmg for Mac. These file types download as software to your computer.

The reason we have two different versions for each eMag is each version is specifically created for the operating system.  For PC, files designated as ".exe" and are compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating system specifically to run as software.  For Mac, files designated as ".dmg" and are compatible with Apple’s Mac Operating System also to run as software.  The content is the exact same on both platforms.

What about eMags for portable devices like iPads and tablets?

The eMags sold in our online store are created specifically for PC or MAC computers. They are not compatible with the iPad. We do create eMags for the iPad, but these are offered through the iTunes App store and require a separate purchase. You can visit the iTunes App Store on your iPad and search for Interweave to see what is currently offered.

Please note sales and promotions that arefeatured on Interweave Store are not applicable to purchases on iTunes.  Prices on eMags sold through iTunes will not reflect Interweave Store sale prices.

What system requirements are there for eMags?

To view this eMag, your computer needs to fit these requirements:

For PC:

• 2.33 GHz or faster x86 compatible processor

•512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)

For MAC:

• Intel® Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor

• Mac OS X v10.6, 10.7, or 10.8

•512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)

Note: Mac computers with PowerPC processors are not supported, and the Mac edition of the eMag is not compatible with the Apple iPad or the iPhone. 

eMags for iPad are exclusively sold through iTunes.

What software or programs are needed for eMags?

eMags are viewed using the program Adobe Air similar to PDF files requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Adobe Air is a free download and will be installed in your computer along with the eMag. 

If you would like to download Adobe Air, it is available at Adobe’s website:

How do I download my purchase and install it?

When you purchase a digital downloadable item from our Interweave Store, you can download it by logging in to your store account. You have unlimited access, at any time, to your digital purchases.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Click on “My Account” on the top right hand corner
  2. Sign in with your email and password
  3. Using the menu options of the left side of the screen, select "My Downloadable Products" to show your purchased downloads.
  4. When you click to download, your browser may ask whether you want to save the file orrun it.  Choose “Save.”
  5. If your browser asks you where to save the file, select a location that you can easily accesssuch as your desk-top. Some browsers save down-loaded files into a default folder.
  6. Next is opening the installer.  Double-click the icon for your eMag.   Please be patient as it may take several minutes for the installer topopup on your screen.
  7. Once the installer opens, you will see a few different options on the screen. We recommend that you leave all these settings at their defaults. Please make a note of where your eMag application will be installed on your computer. By default, this will be in a folder named “Interweave eMags” inside the either “Program Files” folder for PC or the “Applications” folder for Mac.          
  8. Once you click “Continue,” the application will install on your computer. This may take several minutes. Once the installation iscomplete, the eMag application should automatically start. The eMag should be open on your screen now.

Why do I receive security warnings from my security software when attempting to download?

Our eMagazines are a composite of Video, Text, PDF files, galleries, links and more. Due to this, eMags are either ".exe" for PC or ".dmg" for Mac.  Security software depending on your specific settings will consistently issue a warning when downloading these file types from any source no matter how reputable. 

Your security program is protecting you from a download that will make changes on your computer.  Our eMags are files that requireinstallation and will make updates to your system, but they are not harmful in any way to your computer.  You may need toallow your security software to download this file in order to use Interweave eMags.

Security software provide this as a precautionary measure to make certain the user is aware of what they are downloading and to verify it is from a reputable source.  Our eMag, when downloaded and installed, will not harm your computer.  Interweave strives to keep our files secure and free from harm especially with our eMags.

If you have further questions or require assistance with security settings please contact our customer support department or call us at 1-866-949-1646 ext.495.  We are available 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday (MST).

Can I print an eMag?

All text content and illustrations of eMags can be printed.  Obviously, video and audio content are excluded from this feature.  For instance, you’ll want to print the materials lists to take with you the next time you go to your local craft store.  eMags enable a single page to be printed at a time.

How long will it take to download?

Here are our average file size for eMags:

• eMag: 250 – 400 MB

The following table provides estimated download times for different file sizes at typical connection speeds. These estimates assume ideal network conditions. Your actual download time can be longer. For faster downloads, avoid peak hours (9am to 6pm Eastern time). The demand for our downloads can also be high the first week after we release a product release. 

Note: Reference the product page for all Interweave Download products for more specific information about file sizes.  It will help you make the best estimate possible.

File SizeDial-Up (56 Kbps)DSL (1.5 Mbps)Cable (3 Mbps)Coporate (10 Mbps)
100 MB 4 hours 9 minutes 5 minutes 1 minute
500 MB 20 hours 47 minutes 25 minutes 7 minutes
800 MB * 75 minutes 40 minutes 11 minutes
1 GB * 96 minutes 51 minutes 14 minutes
2 GB * 3 hours 101 minutes 29 minutes
5 GB * 8 hours 4 hours 72 minutes
7 GB * 11 hours 6 hours 100 minutes
10 GB * 16 hours 8.5 hours 2.5 hours