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Fearless Knitting Workbook The Step-by-Step Guide to Knitting Confidence

Be fearless and knit with confidence! A workbook for the hands and minds of knitters, the Fearless Knitting Workbook will develop knitters' skills and deepen their understanding of how yarn becomes fabric.


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The Step-By-Step Guide to Knitting Confidence

How can you create knitted pieces in rounds, squares, and tubes without mis-shaping, dropping stitches or destroying the original design? No worries! As author Jennifer E. Seiffert explains in her book Fearless Knitting Workbook, there are 4 ways to effectively shape your knitting without breaking a sweat.

1) Changing the number of stitches
The most common, stress-free way to create shapes is to add or remove stitches at either end of a row or within a row.

2) Changing the Gauge
Need to change the width without changing the number of stitches? Don't fret, just change the gauge by changing your stitch pattern or changing the size of your needles.

Knitting "Short-rows"
Ready to change the length of part of a piece? Simply create a short-row by knitting across only some of the stitches on the needle.

4) Adding Onto the Side of a Piece of Knitting
Concerned about making a piece wider? Master this technique by knitting onto your piece in a different direction with a "pick up and knit" stitch.

You can gain strength and confidence in your shaping with these 4 steps through classically designed swatch exercises, easy-to-understand language and step-by-step directions

Conquer your knitting fears

Don't let other knitting hang-ups like finishing steps and yarnovers get in the way of a beautiful finished project. With the guidance of Fearless Knitting Workbook, you can courageously approach any knitting pattern and deepen your understanding of how yarn becomes fabric.

Formatted for knitters of all skill levels, Fearless Knitting Workbookis a spiral-bound, hardback that lets you rest the book flat on the table so your eyes and hands can focus on your exercises. Plus, inside you'll find bite size directions such as:

  • Basic row-by-row instructions in standard knitting terminology, with all of the abbreviations, jargon, and funny symbols that can be so confusing to the beginner
  • Translation of unfamiliar abbreviations or symbols in understandable layman's terms
  • A special Why? section explaining the reason why something is to be done as instructed
  • Pointers and tips throughout the text to make knitting easier and less overwhelming
  • Reminders to read your knitting explains the results of the instructions just performed

Whether you're feeling rusty on your garter stitch, you've never thought your cables twisted correctly, or you're not sure how to whipstitch a seam, this resource will free you of your knitting anxieties.

Add this essential reference guide to your collection!

Plum Tree Square
Learn How to conquer cables and crossed stitches:

 Tessellated Leaf Lace Square
Fall in love with lace and openwork:

Dishcloth Square
Discover how to dive into diagonals and changing widths:
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SKU: 09KN13

Author/Speaker/Editor: Jennifer Seiffert

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596681491

Number Of Pages: 160

Table of Contents
How to use this book
What makes a project "hard"?
General Advice
Fiber and yarn
Stitch Mount
Skill building Lessons/Projects

Knit-and-Purl Patterns

  • Checkerboard Square
  • Diamond Peaks Square
  • Shell Square

  • You're Out of Order! Cables and Crossed Stitches

  • Basic Cable
  • Expanded Basic Cable
  • Honeycomb
  • Twisted Stitches Trellis
  • For Extra Credit: Multiple cables of different sizes

  • Get in Shape! Basic shaping techniques

  • Garter stitch square knit on the diagonal
  • Full-fashioned stockinette stitch square knit on the diagonal
  • Mitered square
  • Oval mats in different sizes
  • For Extra Credit: Bunny and Ducky shaped washcloths

  • Intentional Holes: Openwork and lace

  • Lace worked every other row, yarnovers aligned vertically
  • Lace worked every other row, yarnovers arranged diagonally
  • Multiple lace patterns in a row; constant stitch count
  • Varying number of stitches in rows
  • For Extra Credit: Lace worked stitches on every row.

  • Finishing Touches for Your Projects
    Glossary and List of Abbreviations and Symbols
    Sources for Supplies
    About the Author
    About the author: Jennifer E. Seiffert has been a knitter for over 45 years, and has taught the advanced sweater class for her local yarn shop for several years. For her “day job,” she writes technical specifications and documentations for computer software for cancer statistics applications and creates online help systems. She also trains users of these software applications throughout the country and has edited complex book-length publications with multiple authors. Fearless Knitting Workbook is her first book. She lives in Warsaw, Indiana.
     'Organized and precise, this book is a fantastic, systematic way to beef up your knitting skills.'

    "She takes some of the most intimidating aspects of learning to knit, such as understanding gauge and deciphering pattern instructions, and breaks them down in a manner that is practical and simple to understand."--Library Journal, April 2010

    SKU: 09KN13

    Author/Speaker/Editor: Jennifer Seiffert

    Format: Hardcover

    ISBN 13: 9781596681491

    Number Of Pages: 160