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Felt Forward Print Book + eBook Bundle: Modern Designs in Knitted Felt

In Felt Forward, Maggie Pace - proprietor of Pick Up Sticks - shares 20 stylish, contemporary projects that will find everyday use for the most modern crafter.

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It seems that almost every knitter has tried shrinking her knitting in the washing machine over the past few years, and why not? Knitted felt knits up quickly and creates fun, stylish projects. In Felt Forward, Maggie Pace - proprietor of Pick Up Sticks - shares 20 stylish, contemporary projects that will find everyday use for the most modern crafter.

These sophisticated designs in an elegant color palette feature a range of fibers from alpaca, angora, and acrylic. Pace uses innovative felting techniques, like knitting onto rings or hoops then felting to create unique shapes and quilting knitted pieces together and cutting away shapes to reveal negative space. Projects include soft and comfortable felted tops, purses and tote bags, colorful embossed hats, jewelry and accessories, slippers, pillows, modern home accessories, and even a strand of felted lights.

With clear instructions and tips on making, shrinking, and using knitted felt, Pace gives anyone with basic knitting skills the tools to create one of a kind pieces. Beautiful photographs, step-by-step instructions and illustrations walk the first-time felter through all the processes. While the techniques and tools are simple, the shapes, colors, and materials of these pieces give them a sophisticated, urban feel that brings felt into the twenty-first century.

Reviews: "Takes you beyond flat totes knit in the round and little square coasters to some pretty interesting projects."-Planet Purl


Author/Speaker/Editor: Maggie Pace

Format: Bundle

Table of Contents
Section 1- Modern Forms Circles Table Runner & Placemat- Modern motifs are found across all artistic media, from textiles to jewelry and architecture to sculpture, and knitting is no exception. Dash + Dot Hat- Because of its vertical striping and tapered top shaping, this design looks like difficult knit, but in reality it is simple enough for a beginning knitter. Linear Box Hat- This hat takes its cue from the repeating shapes and bold color schemes found in mid-century modern fabrics. City Girl Duffel- A felted take on the canvas gym bag, the City Girl Duffel has an extra-long strap so it can be slung across the body or shortened with a tie and worn like a purse. Peppermint Stick Headband- Constructed out of scraps found around the house, this accessory makes a stylish statement even though its origins aren't all that glamorous. Section 2- Innovative Techniques String of Beads Hat- Inspired by the tall brims and flat tops of traditional Cossack fur hats, this felt hat is made for cold weather. Cutaway Petals Pillow- One night last winter my six-year-old daughter, her Busia (Polish for Grandma), and I whiled away an evening folding and cutting designs out of white paper. We started with simple snowflakes, but things quickly grew more interesting. We soon became enamored with the process and I soon translated the cut designs into knitted felt. Shibori Wreath- The Shibori Wreath is begun by working a base in stockinette stitch, then picking up stitches to create the flowers. Circle Squared Purse- Shower curtain rings inspired the idea for this purse-I actually started the first version of it with the chunky snappable plastic rings from my shower. Fruit Loop Belt- This purse is a natural extension of the Circle Squared Purse, and it too explores what I-cord-encased rings have to offer. Hoop Purse- The hoop purse is worked back and forth in rows from the outer edge to the center. The circular shape is achieved with a simple decrease pattern, then the side edges are seamed. Section 3- Unexpected Materials Three Sisters Scarf- Designed for versatility, the Three Sisters Scarf can be worn several ways. It's composed of three different I-cords knitted in soft alpaca. Frida Lights- Felted wool is not only water resistant, it is also flame-resistant, making it an appropriate (if surprising) choice for a light covering. Alpaca Hoodie- This cozy sweater is a perfect match for the knitter who loves to knit but balks at seaming. S Bracelet- The S-Bracelet's geometric lines contrast sharply with its animal fiber content-it looks more like the chunky plastic jewelry made popular by Mods in the 1960s than a wool-and-elastic bracelet. Chunky Flower Rings- These fun flower accessories take around an hour to create, making them perfect party favors or customized toppers for gifts. Ballet Wrap Sweater- Three parts angora, one part wool, and one part synthetic polyamide, Elsebeth Lavold's Angora yarn yields a heavenly fulled fabric. Bobble Hat- Playful bobbles set off this whimsical hat, sized for infants through adults. Ice Age Boots- The fact that knitted felt is soft and durable is one of its most alluring properties. Historic peoples in Europe and Asia took advantage of this fact by creating a variety of objects out of felt that were vigorously used, yet necessarily comfortable- saddles, blankets, rugs, and boots.
About the Author
Maggie Pace started her company, Pick Up Sticks!, in 2003 after falling in love with knitted felt. Her patterns and knits for hats, bags, and other accessories can be found in yarn stores across North America and Europe. Her first book, Felt It!, was published in 2006. She lives in Oakland, California.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Maggie Pace

Format: Bundle