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Interweave Knits Presents: Fixing Knitting Mistakes with Kate Atherley Video Download

Learn 50+ ways to fix your knitting mistakes with Kate Atherley's Interweave Knits workshop.
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Because every knitter makes mistakes. . .
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Knowing how—and when—to fix your knitting mistakes makes you a great knitter.


Kate Atherley has made every knitting mistake you can imagine. Over decades of knitting, she taught herself to catch her mistakes in time and fix them easily. Now you can take her popular class on fixing mistakes anywhere and correct your knitting errors when they happen.



Fixing Knitting Mistakes: 50+ Tips for Perfect Knits with Kate Atherley


This Interweave Knits workshop includes: 

  • Tricks for repairing 7 basic knit stitch mistakes
  • How to techniques for undoing your work safely
  • Step-by-step instructions for fixing incorrect increases and decreases
  • And even corrections for errors in knitted cables and lace.

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Plus! You’ll also learn how to avoid many common knitting errors—and when you can leave a mistake in your knitting with no one noticing.


Learn to conquer your knitting flubs and take your knitting to the next level with Fixing Knitting Mistakes with Kate Atherley.


This workshop is available on DVD or as a standard or high definition video download. Order your copy today!


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Kate Atherley is a mathematician and refugee from the technology industry. She works as the Lead Technical Editor for Knitty magazine as well as a designer and author. She teaches regularly near her home in Ontario and at national and international events.


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About the Author
Kate Atherley is a mathematician and refugee from the technology industry. She works as the Lead Technical Editor for Knitty magazine as well as a designer and author. She teaches regularly near her home in Ontario and at national and international events.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Kate Atherley

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Format: Standard Definition Video

Runtime: 99 Minutes

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Customer Reviews

Great video that covers all common mistakes Review by Elizabeth

I have been knitting for a few years, and I wish I had known about this video sooner. I think Kate does a very good job explaining how we create these mistakes, and then how to fix them. I also thought the camera close-ups were very good. A good friend has asked me to teach her to knit and my first instruction to her will be to get this video.

I see in the other reviews concerns about how to access the video or the quality of the video. I watch this video on my iPad, and the quality is excellent. I did have problems figuring out how to download it to my iPad. Interweave did send me instructions but they were not completely consistent with the most recent version of iTunes. But a quick call to Apple solved that problem.

(Posted on 11/18/13)

Disappointing Review by Mary

I thought I was buying this video download. But my receipt says Fixing Knitting Mistakes-6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION." I have no idea what that is but so far I cannot find a way to download this vid to my computer. I am compelled to watch it from CraftDaily or Interweave website (I cannot figure out the relationship there or which one is hosting). The video screen is small and keeps going from out of focus back into focus. Opting for full screen just makes it worse. About 50% of the time it is out of focus. I give two stars for effort because Ms. Atherly is a good teach, or I think so. Would help if I could see what she's talking about more than half the time.

(Posted on 10/13/13)

Mechanical difficulties Review by Rose

I am extremely unhappy with the mechanics of the video. There were many, many times during the showing that Kate would be speaking and there would be no sound. It also, throughout the whole video, kept getting stuck like a broken record. When it kicked in again, a portion of the words would be missing. So, it is very hard for me to rate this as far as the information contained is concerned because it was very tedious for me to watch and listen to.

(Posted on 9/13/13)

Pros and cons Review by Pamela

There are good and bad points to this class. On the plus side, it was great to learn how to diagnose knitting mistakes. I have often made mistakes that I had no idea how they had come about. This video will enable you to understand how mistakes were caused and how to fix them, which means you will not have to rip out your work nearly as often. Hurray for that! I had not seen the fix for cables before nor the fix for missing a yarn over, so those were valuable segments for me too. Even her discussion of lifelines had a couple of tips I had not heard before. Lace is one of the harder patterns to fix, and she offered some helpful tips in that segment that I know I’ll use. One of the topics I appreciated was unknitting your work various ways, from tinking to ripping. Although I’d seen most of it before, there were a couple of extra tips in Atherley’s presentation.

If you’ve never learned any knitting fixes at all, this will be a good video for you, because every knitter should know how to drop a stitch to fix a wrongly knitted stitch, use a lifeline, and rip out safely. The more stitches you can fix without ripping out, the more time you’ll have to actually knit, and when you do have to rip out, it will be comforting to know you can do it without disaster.

On the other hand, there is a lot of repetition in this video. Nearly every stitch repair in the first third of the video involves the same solution—dropping a stitch down to the mistake and then picking it back up through the ladders correctly. She could have shown us this once or twice and then simply identified the many stitches that are fixed that way, but instead she took us through the same monotonous fix multiple times. A lot of the tips were also ones I’ve seen before, and many of her suggestions were just common sense. Also, a couple of the fixes looked terrible. I would not call her solution on those an acceptable fix even though they closed up a hole in the fabric.

Overall, I felt the video was fairly worthwhile. I did learn that dropping a stitch is the basic way to fix almost all basic stitch mistakes. If the video had been cut by one-third to eliminate all the needless repetition, and then if it were priced accordingly, it would have been a reasonable price from my perspective.

One recommendation I would make for this video is to provide an index that allows the viewer to jump directly to the point in the video that she needs to view for a particular fix. This could be done by labeling tracks, as most of my digital content does. I don’t look forward to having to wade through the entire thing the next time I want to refer to a single fix somewhere in the middle.

(Posted on 6/28/13)