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Folk Style: Innovative Designs to Knit Including Sweaters Hats Scarves Gloves and More

Join talented top designers including Kristin Nicholas, Kate Gilbert, and more as they reinterpret ethnic and global influences into today's fresh styles.

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Folk Style explores and celebrates the joys of living - and knitting - in an ever-shrinking world. Just like food, knitting inspiration has gone global; the idea of fusion has leapt confidently from the dinner plate to the knitting needles. Join talented top designers including Kristin Nicholas, Kate Gilbert, Annie Modesitt, Pam Allen, Leigh Radford, and more as they reinterpret ethnic and global influences into today's fresh styles.

Within the pages of Folk Style knitters will find items for women, children, babies, and the home. Patterns include a patchwork jacket, felted mukluks, a Slavic stovetop hat, a tribal baby carrier, Fair Isle socks, Nordic star pullover, shibori neck wrap, felted gauntlets, a Mexican floor pillow, Peruvian tunic, and much, much more. Filled with luscious lifestyle photos and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, Folk Style has everything the knitter needs to create amazing styles.

The most special feature of the Interweave Press Style series is the Design Notebook section, and Folk Style will not disappoint. This chapter will share author Mags Kandis's distinct take on color, motif, detail, and style, all drawing reference from the contributed designs. Special focus will be placed upon simple how-to and will include Fair Isle and intarsia knitting, felting, duplicate stitch and embroidery, and various other embellishing techniques.Whether it be a simple one-colored, textured pair of mittens, or a multicolored tunic, Folk Style has it wrapped up in fabulous ethnic influence.

Reviews: "Applies traditional techniques in a totally new way.... gorgeous color photographs provide visual references for each project."-Kliatt

"I would recommend this book for intermediate knitters and up, or an adventurous beginner wanting to stretch his or her skills."-Planet Purl

"Folk Style not only has a ton of fabulous projects, but it also provides a bit of history behind the inspiration. And, best of all, it includes a design notebook that reveals the "secrets" behind combining colors and converting inspiration to designs. This would be a rich addition to your fiber library."-The News & Observer

Table of Contents
Folk Projects
  • All Buttoned Up (Pam Allen) - Browsing through a linens catalog, Pam Allen was taken a red bedspread with blocks of rustic embroidery. After she began the sweater she received a postcard that showed an Andean woman knitting - she wore a jacket covered with embroidery and small white buttons, thus the inspiration for this wonderful child's sweater.
  • Patchwork Jacket (Gayle Bunn) - Gayle took inspiration from old quilts made from square blocks of bright fabrics that had faded over time for the patchwork squares in this cropped jacket.
  • Modern Quilt Wrap (Mags Kandis) - Very loosely based on the traditional Log Cabin quilt block, Mags Kandis worked this wrap/oversized scarf square, square in the easy and satisfying mitered-square method of color knitting.
  • Child's Tibetan Jacket (Tara Jon Manning) - Styled after the traditional wool coats of the high Himalayan region, Tara Jon Manning's child's jacket features the boxy shape, colorful trim, and stand-up collar immediately recognizable as distinctive folk elements of Tibetan and Nepalese outerwear.
  • Grand Tour Waistcoat (Di Gilpin) - The shape of this bolero vest is drawn from a traditional Greek waistcoat, and the motifs come from the Chateau de Montresor in the Loire Valley, France.
  • Burma Rings Scarf (Ann Budd) - This scarf was inspired by the Burma Rings Sweater the late Barbara Venishnick wore on the cover of the Winter 2000/2001 issue of Interweave Knits. Ann used the concept of stacked rings to create a scarf that would literally wrap around the neck.
  • Bunad Mukluks (Robin Melanson) - These wooly mukluks are a fusion of Inuit-style footwear and the embellishments of Norwegian folk costumes.
  • Annie Oakley Jacket (Tara Jon Manning) - While helping one of her children research frontier women for a school project, Tara Jon Manning became captivated by the life of Annie Oakley - a true American folk hero and an outstanding figure in the history of women's rights.
  • Appalachian Gathering Basket (Gina Wilde) - Gina's passion for basketmaking prompted the idea for this unusual felted tote.
  • Sunny Flower Fez (Kristin Nicholas) - A Moroccan flat-top fez served as the springboard for Kristin Nicholas's joyful topper.
  • Shanghai Surplice (Annie Modesitt) - Annie Modesitt was inspired by the shape of a fifteenth-century quilted vest from China. True to Folk Style form, this knitted vest marries duplicate stitch and European French-knot embroidery techniques with Asian shaping.
  • Tribal Baby Carrier (Lisa B. Evans) - In many cultures, mothers "wear" their babies as they go about their daily tasks. Lisa B. Evans has created a colorful knitted version of what is traditionally constructed in woven fabric, taking inspiration from Middle Eastern kilim rugs and African kente cloth.
  • Nordic Star (Ann Budd) - The inspiration for this playful pullover was the traditional six-point star motif used in Scandinavian designs.
  • Felt Appliqued Skirt (Gayle Bunn) - Inspired crewelwork found on traditional fabrics from India, Gayle Bunn artfully played with proportion and exploded large felted flowers and leaves onto a truly modern skirt.
  • Algonquin Socks (Gayle Bunn) - A visit to a gallery in Ottawa, Canada, and a painting noted Canadian artist Tom Tompson offered Gayle Bunn the colorway for these socks.
  • Paisley Shawl (Kate Gilbert) - Kate's thoroughly modern take on vintage paisley is captivating. She was inspired the triangular shawls worn in nineteenth-century France and Spain that were worn wrapped around the body, crossed in the front, then tied in the back.
  • Urban Hand Warmers (Leigh Radford) - Always exploring ways to "alter" her knitting, Leigh Radford stepped outside the confines of the knitted stitch with needle-felting details on her hand warmers.
  • Indian Silk Pillow (Marilyn Webster) - With this lush silk pillow, Marilyn Webster has taken something from one culture and infused it with aspects of another. "The starting point for my design is my own story - a U.S. citizen who grew up in India."
  • Gansey Toque and Mitts (Veronik Avery) - Veronik used the time-honored patterns of Scottish ganseys in an updated, but no less traditional, hat-and-mitten set.
  • Shibori-esque Neckwrap (Mags Kandis) - Shibori is an age-old Japanese technique of folding, twisting, scrunching, stitching, and then dyeing fabric to achieve a color pattern.
  • Bogolanfini Pullover (Fiona Ellis) - Fiona Ellis took the color palette and patterning inspired African textiles and crossed them with the traditional Northern European knitting technique of Fair Isle or stranded knitting.
About the Author

Mags Kandis has been a knitwear designer for over 18 years. As the former Creative Director of Mission Falls, she spearheaded twelve knitting pattern books sold through yarn shops across North America. Some of the most enjoyed titles are Wee Knits and Wee Knits, Too (designs for 6 to 24 months), Smitten (a collection of mittens), and East + West (a merging of cultures translated into knit designs).

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Mags Kandis

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