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Gapless Gusset Video (HD) + Go-To Sock ePattern Bundle

Learn how to knit gapless gussets with Kate Atherley’s high definition knitting video and then practice your skills with Ann Budd’s Go-To knitted sock pattern.
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Download Kate Atherley's Gapless Gusset video AND
Ann Budd's Go-To Socks ePattern in this easy bundle.

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gap in sock

Eliminate these holes with Kate Atherley's
Knit Socks with Gapless Gussets video!

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Get rid of the gaps in your knitted socks!


Knitter Kate Atherley's Knit Socks with Gapless Gussets video download will alleviate the gaps and holes in your sock heel flaps, guaranteed.

This 6-minute video download is the answer you've been looking for! Kate's tested technique is easy to master for sock knitters of all skill levels.


Imagine, your handknit socks will be hole-free!

go to socks  

Practice your new gapless gusset knitting technique!

Even expert sock knitters need a basic everyday sock to turn to. Ann Budd designed these simple ribbed socks with a 3x1 ribbing that hugs the foot and leg. Knit them in a hand-painted yarn for a stunning pair.


Practice your gapless gussets on this unisex pair of knitted socks!





Master flawless sock knitting:
Download the video and ePattern together!

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Format: Standard Definition Video


Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

Typical Review by Bob

Well it is a simple fix as mentioned in the video and Kate does indeed have a sexy voice but why in the world would you have her demonstrate the fix for the hole and then not show us how well it looks when finished. I would have gladly paid another quarter for another 10 seconds of video. I know I can just try it myself and I'll see but come on, how hard is it to do a complete video?

(Posted on 6/9/2013)

(Posted on 6/9/2013)