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Enjoy 50 step-by-step monoprinting techniques in the first book ever dedicated to printing with Gelli® Arts® Gel Printing Plate!

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Note:  The physical version of this book will be available August 13.

You’ll love this Gelli® Plate Printing book if:

  • You are new to Gelli® printing
  • You are an experienced printmaker looking for new techniques to send your art into a new directions
  • You love incorporating printed patterns into your mixed-media art

This is the first book ever to hit the market completely dedicated to Gelli® Plate printing! Author Joan Bess, co-founder of Gelli® Gel Printing Plate, fills the book with excellent Gelli® printing techniques that beginners and experienced printmakers will be sure to have a blast while pushing themselves to explore and experiment.
In this premier guide you’ll discover 50 step-by-step monoprinting techniques to use in your mixed-media art.  Discover how to create captivating patterns with homemade tools, and household items like sponges and corrugated cardboard. Become a texture hunter and explore the fun texture you can achieve with metal tape, lace, embossed papers, natural objects, stencils, stamps and more. Anything goes in Gelli® printing! Explore different mediums and the interesting affects you can achieve with metallic paint, gel medium, dimensional paint and more. Along the way you’ll experiment with printing on a variety of surfaces included glass, wood, fabric and metal.

Now get ready with your Gelli® plate and brayer in hand because you are about to embark on a fast, fun, and addicting printing adventure!

In Gelli® Plate Printing you’ll find:

  • 144 pages of expert tips from the creator of the Gelli® Plate
  • Ideas for using ghost prints and how to salvage uninspiring prints
  • An excellent gallery of artists incorporating Gelli® Printing into their work for inspiration and project ideas

A Word from the Author
The objective of creating fine art prints is just one way to approach Gelli® printing. Many monoprints are simply good beginnings for a vast range of projects. It’s great fun to work back into prints with various media, layer over them, journal on them, or tear them up and use the snippets for collage. Follow your own creative path and include Gelli® prints in your mixed-media art, art journals, card making, scrapbooking, quilting, fiber arts jewelry and much more!” -Joan Bess

About the Author

Joan’s career in art began in 1980, when she launched her first business, Emerald City Stamps, catering to mail artists-getting in on the ground floor of the creative movement that evolved into mixed media as we know it today. While largely self-taught, Joan learned printmaking at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, collage techniques at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut, papermaking at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, and photography at the Hartford Art School. Joan has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Hartford and a lifelong passion for art. The focus of Joan’s work is mostly in book arts, but she loves experimenting and working with different media. She has taught mixed-media techniques at the Newark Museum and the Book Arts Roundtable in New Jersey.
Several years ago, Joan discovered the joy of monoprinting on gelatin-leading to her quest for a permanent gel plate and a more convenient monoprinting experience. She is cofounder of Gelli® Arts, LLC, and inventor of the concept for the Gelli® Plate. Joan lives with her husband, John, in the historic town of Mendham, New Jersey.

Gelli® Plate Basics
Part 1: Getting Started with Gelli®
Part 2: Gelli® Techniques
Contributor Gallery
About the Author

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Joan Bess

SKU: GROUP-T0883-T0885

Author/Speaker/Editor: Joan Bess