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Learn to spin funky and functional art yarns with wool, silk, and nontraditional materials.

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Want to learn how to spin the cool, funky art yarns found in knitting boutiques (at boutique prices) or on handspun websites in limited-edition amounts? Popular spinner Symeon North demonstrates how to spin unique and creative art yarns, accompanied by clear step-by-step photography that explains each technique in Get Spun.

Taking the craft beyond intriguing but often nonfunctional yarns that are often labeled "art yarns," Get Spun teaches the reader to create useful yarns with structure and balance. By combining this range of skills with an unlimited range of fiber possibilities,knitters and fiber artisans can not only create the yarn of their dreams, they can re-create it and use it for their fiber-art projects.

Intended for the advanced beginner to intermediate spinner, this book explores the spinning fundamentals, techniques for spinning wool and silk, spinning with nontraditional materials (fabric, silk cocoons), introducing add-ins (beads, locks, etc.), and creating exciting plying effects. Nearly all of the colorways featured in Symeon's yarns are created by hand-dyeing or blending. In addition to the spinning techniques, Symeon will share techniques for easy home dyeing and using a drumcarder to blend colors and fibers.

About the Author

Symeon North is an unconventional domestic and mother of two, commonly known as Pippi Knee-socks. Symeon is a graduate of Penn State University and Massachusetts College of Art. Before settling in Vermont, she traveled around the country, supporting herself by selling handmade clothes and fabric accessories. After having children, Symeon relearned the quiet and portable craft of knitting. Handpainting yarn was quick to follow, and spinning seemed like the logical next step. Fibers quickly overtook her mind and home. She began selling her yarns at to feed her fiber habit in June 2004. She began writing articles for Knittyspin in 2006 and was featured in Spin to Knit (Interweave, 2006).

“Tired of the same ho-hum yarns?  This colorful book takes spinners into a world of custom unique yarns.” – Enchantment Magazine

“This book is fun… mind-broadening and remarkably interesting.” –

“This book is written in a more orderly fashion than some of the current funky art yarn instructions.  It will appeal to the spinner who wants to try art yarns in a slower, more methodical manner.” – Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot

"If you want to learn to spin cool, funky yarns or make your fibre art project unique then this is the book for you.  You'll also discover ways to jazz up your hand spun and create individual yarns, which express your artistic vision but are still useful.  Get Spun teaches spinners to create art yarns with structure.  By combining traditional skills, unconventional techniques and an unlimited range of fibre possibilities, readers not only create yarn but can make it strong enough to last.  Spinning fundamentals and techniques include clear step-by-step photographs.  There are techniques for wool, silk and non-traditional materials such as fabric, plastic bags and silk cocoons. Instructions are also included for dyeing and blending fibre and yarn." - Machine Knitting Monthly
"A bright and beautiful book with the most amazing 'art yarns'.  These yarns range from adding textures to a hand spun with slubs and wraps of other fibres to spinning with fabric and plastic. But this isn't just a show off book, where you peep through the window at what the author has created and shut the book with a sigh as you realise the results are unobtainable for mere mortals.  No, this book has all the technical information you need for playing around with your own yarn, everything from dying, carding and blending to tying in metal elements.  I really really wish I had a spinning wheel and could have a play.  The author does say that others have reported that results are obtainable using just a spindle but she says she is unwilling to comment herself as this isn't the technique she used herself.  This is a lush book, I would love to get my fingers on the yarns pictured, I think it would be a brilliant book for a spinner who has neglected their wheel and needs a new burst of inspiration." -
"Art-yarn spinning allows crafters to create expressive yarns that can be used to make knitted products, and are an art in themselves too.  Get Spun is a spinner's dream; it brings together masses of information and knowledge into one compact resource.  While brushing up on the fundamentals, readers can also pick up information on tools and materials, traditional techniques, and learn how to dye fibres.  The book provides a comprehensive guide for spinning enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge and liven up their art yarns." - Craft Focus
"The world of craft books is divided, in my opinion, into the rare inspirational books and the rather more frequent 'how to' books.  This title is one of the latter, of which it is an excellent example.  The author provides clear instructions on, for example, how to prepare fibre with a drum carder.  There is an excellent chapter on spinning basics, including a very useful section on different ways to measure yarns.  She has a chapter on how to dye with acid dyes before moving on to some of the techniques used in the creation of art yarns such as spinning coils, core spinning fabrics and plastic bags, as well as several different approaches to spinning bead yarns and creating textures. If you are starting out as a spinner and have been eyeing up the exuberant art yarns with a wistful eye, this is probably the book for you as it will give you the techniques and skills to spin the yarns.  However, it no more teaches you how to create an art yarn than painting by numbers will enable you to paint a masterpiece.  It is nonetheless a useful addition to the shelves of the spinner who wants to know how to spin complex and textured yarns." - Journal for Weavers Spinners & Dyers

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Symeon North

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ISBN 13: 9781596684256