Once you’ve got the technique down, these trendy earrings, and similar styles, could take less than five minutes to make…FIVE minutes! What are you waiting for?

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Using 20-gauge sterling or copper wire, make a pair of trendy accessories! The skill level is marked as beginner and Denise encourages us with the notion that once this simple technique is learned, you’ll be popping out similar styles in less than five minutes! This is especially great for the days our patience is non-existent and we demand immediacy! It happens to the best of us. Just wait; you’re Go Round’s will inevitable produce a few different rounds…the applauding type

Required Materials: 20-gauge sterling or copper round wire, 4½". Butterfly earring backs, 2. Sharpie marker.
Tools Needed: Flush cutters. Chain nose pliers. Large step mandrel. Bench block. Ball peen hammer. Metal file 

Technique Used:
Originally Published: Step by Step Wire Jewelry, April/May 2010

SKU: EP3051

Author/Speaker/Editor: Denise Peck

Format: eProject

Customer Reviews

There's simple and then there's taking the mick. Review by flootzavut

The reason this design only takes five minutes to make is because there's really nothing to it. I'm really shocked it's being sold for four dollars! The 'pattern' is two pages long and only about half of the second page is anything amounting to instructions. I've been working with wire for about a fortnight, so I thought there was more to it and I would learn some new cool trick. Turns out I was wrong, this is just an incredibly simple design hardly deserving the name. This would be a nice little freebie for novice wire workers to get a taste, or maybe as a really cheap download, but $4? No way.

(Posted on 8/17/14)