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Guatemalan Woven Wealth

Guatemalan Woven Wealth: Preserving a Rich Textile Tradition portrays vintage textiles of the Guatemalan Highlands in rich color and thoughtful, accurate description, along with stories of the weaving life of the region by well-known weaving author and teacher, Deborah Chandler. Profits from the sale of the book go to Friendship Bridge, a microlending organization that supports Guatemalan weavers.

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Deepen your knowledge of weaving in Guatemala, a country with one of the finest living textile histories in the world, with this in-depth look at the beauty of the craftsmanship and the impact weaving has played in the country’s customs and traditions for hundreds of years.

Textiles are truly the cultural wealth of Guatemala, and Guatemalan Woven Wealth celebrates the craftsmanship with scores of contemporary pieces shown in full color, along with vignettes from the weavers about their lives, exploring the personal histories of the people who sustain this tradition.

This richly illustrated guide has more than 75 photographs in all, showing the symbolism and colorways of its indigenous dress, household fabrics, and ceremonial textiles that are interwoven with culture and history in a fascinating panorama of the Mayan people. All textiles were acquired during a 2009 trip to several remote villages by curator Mary Anne Wise and her team.

Travelers visiting the area (more than a quarter million a year from North America alone) are drawn to Guatemalan weaving, and are given the opportunity to collect it at markets throughout the country.

Armchair travelers will also appreciate the beauty and variety of the designs. Guatemalan Woven Wealth is their guide to deepening their understanding of the quality of the craftsmanship and their appreciation of the weaving culture of the country.

The authors are deeply rooted in Guatemalan culture. Co-author Deborah Chandler shares her experience of working with Guatemalan weavers doing work for Mayan Hands. Raymond E. Senuk, a noted researcher and collector provided all the curatorial information about the textiles.

Textiles are arranged by village within the geographic regions of the Guatemalan highlands. Readers are introduced to the diversity of patterns between regions, and the evolution of patterns within regions.

Even textile neophytes will learn to identify and appreciate the key garments of everyday life in Guatemala as well as learn to recognize the hallmarks of good traditional design and technique.

This book was conceived and created by a generous group of dedicated lovers of Guatemala and her textiles.

All proceeds of the book’s sales benefit Friendship Bridge’s efforts in Guatemala.

SKU: WM0001

Author/Speaker/Editor: Raymond E. Senuk

Format: Hardcover

About the Author

Deborah Chandler teaches, is the author of the bestselling Learning to Weave, and Executive Director of Mayan Hands based in Guatemala City.

Raymond E. Senuk has been a collector and student of Guatemalan Mayan weaving for more than thirty years. He has curated numerous exhibits at museums and private galleries, and has written catalogs and articles for journals and books. Currently, he is photographing older private collections and museum holdings. He lives in Antigua, Guatemala, and St. Louis, Missouri.

SKU: WM0001

Author/Speaker/Editor: Raymond E. Senuk

Format: Hardcover