Handmade Book Essentials: Learn to Make Folded, Side-Stitched, and Signature-Style Books (Download)

Create a source of creative expression where the only limit is your imagination!

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Artist’s books have become a wonderfully varied source of creative expression. The styles artists and craftspeople dream up to create in the form of a book seem limitless. In truth, however, every artist’s book falls essentially into one of three classic forms or categories. Once you learn these basic forms, each can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Join Dea Fischer and learn how to construct each of the three basic forms to enable you to start creating. The only limit is your imagination.

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  • Scissors
  • Bone folder
  • Craft knife with extra blades
  • Metal-edged ruler, 12"
  • Cutting mat
  • Needles, betweens and darners
  • Thread, strong (linen waxed, dental floss)
  • Glue stick, archival
  • PVA adhesive
  • Clamps, large rubber bands, or some sort of weight
  • Waxed paper
  • Awl or small-bore paper punch
  • Paper clips
  • Paper, 90-lb. watercolor or similar
  • Paper, 24-lb. weight or similar
  • Mat board or heavy-weight paper (for covers)
  • Decorative paper

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Dea Fischer

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Customer Reviews

Excellent! Review by Ursula

My main reason for buying this workshop is that I was getting extremely tired of paying so much for good journals, especially watercolor journals, when I already spend way too much on other art supplies. I stumbled over Dea Fischer's workshop, and what can I tell you, I'm very, very happy with my purchase. I'm a complete newbie to bookbinding, but Ms. Fischer explains the process so well, I feel confident to start binding my own journals now. Also I want to add that I appreciate the instructors calmness and "togetheness", there are too many online workshops out there where the teachers are too "hyper-speedy" for my taste (if you know what I mean). So, after spending some more on supplies (it never end, does it?), I'm ready to embark on this new (to me) journey.

May The Force (Dea Fischer) be with me! ;)


(Posted on 10/18/13)

a wonderful book Review by suzi

this is the first time i have understood how to make my own book i have bought books but just couldn't the instructions. this lady is calm well spoken and takes everything slowly and confidently i felt like she was just there to teach me at my own pace .i would recommend this to anyone who can't understand books and there hard to follow pics .
the price of this download is very reasonable ,if you paid for a workshop you would pay a lot more with less one to one help i will be buying more ,i live in the uk and had no problems understanding anything. and the fact you keep this forever is great .i can't wait to make my first of many books ,ive got christmas all sewn up.thanks for a new hobby

(Posted on 8/29/13)

a perfect primer on magic of bookmaking Review by NULL NULL

I fell in love with books in a whole new way after watching this video. I've watched it twice. The smooth practiced demonstration was an excellent intro to bookmaking. I have since bought several books showing different types of art books, but this video is my reference "how to". I recommend this video as one of my favorite purchases, igniting a totally new passion!

(Posted on 8/31/12)

Excellent introduction to book-binding Review by Caroline Alexander

This is the best video I have seen on the subject! Dea Fischer's instructions are clear and precise, the camera is focused on exactly what you need to see - her hands and the paper - and the whole process is unhurried without being slow. It should be possible to work along with this video. Dea's style of teaching is friendly, and there is no waffle. There were a few things I already knew, but revision is good and its a timely reminder of stages that are easily overlooked. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I will be referring back to it again as I attempt to improve my book-binding skills, and expand on what I can already do. I particularly appreciated the use of brightly coloured thread that shows exactly how the stitches are formed so there is no mistaking where the needle has been, or is going. For anyone that has already struggled through the freebie videos and various books on the subject, this is well worth the money, and will give a good grounding in making one's own journals. There are lots of little tips here that will give a novice a professional finish from the word go.

(Posted on 6/28/12)