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2006-2007 Handwoven CD Collection

Get 10 issues of Handwoven on one CD!

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Enjoy all 10 issues of HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE exactly as they were printed in 2006 and 2007.

This CD is so slick! You get weaving inspiration at your fingertips. You just pop in the CD and enjoy the ease of navigating through two year's worth of Handwoven issues.

Discover the magazines as they were printed in 2006 and 2007 with a time-saving electronic index. You can also search each issue by keywords of your choosing such as:

  • Names of master weavers
  • Specific or general techniques
  • Favorite projects
  • Products or equipment such as looms, novelty yarns, laces, etc.
  • Challenges and results
  • Keywords like tapestry, warp-faced and weft-faced, Indigo dyeing or any other areas of interest

SKU: 10WV06

Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781596683747

Table of Contents

Jan/Feb 2006 - Learning and Teaching: projects you can learn from and use for teaching others.

Mar/Apr 2006 - Show Your Work: weaving for and planning shows, show-stopping projects.

May/June 2006 - Designing with Color: exploiting the color potential of familiar weave structures.

Sept/Oct 2006 - Weaving for Your Critters: doggie beds, collars, cat mats, saddle blankets.

Nov/Dec 2006 - Weaving Outside the Box: nuno-like felting, 3-D doubleweave, faux fur, more.

Jan/Feb 2007 - Weave in Black and White (with silk, bamboo, angora, and more): deflected doubleweave, devoré, woven ruffles.

Mar/Apr 2007 - Overshot—A Vintage Weave Gets a Makeover: from overshot to doubleweave, name drafting, woven shibori.

May/June 2007 - Create New Color Palettes: taking colors from digital images, nature, artwork.

Sept/Oct 2007 - Bags for Every Occasion: yoga-mat and laptop carriers, totes, evening bags, more.

Nov/Dec 2007 -  Warp Less and Weave More: many unique projects on the same warp.

SKU: 10WV06

Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781596683747