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Handwoven is a weaver's constant companion, textile travelogue, pattern book, and weave structure textbook. It's a place to discover new patterns, learn to create original designs, and find solutions to weaving challenges. Handwoven is an indispensable resource that weavers return to time and again.

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You’ll be inspired by projects like these:






  • Gorgeous Photos every project comes complete with photos from a variety of angles to help you decide.

  • Weaving Basics Lessons for beginners that even avid weavers will love.

  • What’s Happening Find out what’s happening in the weaving world.

  • Beautiful Projects that are sure to inspire you to run for your stash.



Rekindle Your Passion for Weaving

For fresh inspiration, check out Handwoven magazine, and rekindle your passion for weaving. Whether you’re a beginning weaver or a seasoned professional, Handwoven is the ideal magazine for weavers of all skill levels! Discover ideas for new projects, learn techniques from weavers around the world, or explore new color combinations. With Handwoven, you'll have an endless resource of weaving inspiration to satisfy your passion for years to come!


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Weavers Everywhere Rely on Handwoven, Here’s Why


Handwoven is the go-to resource for everyone interested in weaving, from beginners to seasoned professionals. With Handwoven by your side, you’ll quickly feel like you are a part of the weaving community. Each issue will introduce you to interesting weavers around the world and is filled with tips, techniques and tricks of the trade that will make your weaving fun and efficient. You’ll learn how to use the latest tools and always be among the first to know about new innovations or creative ideas.


Make the Most of Your Space

Make the Most of Your Space


Inside every issue of Handwoven you will learn tips, techniques and tricks to help you make the most out of your weaving space. From tricks to make warping faster, to improving your ergonomics to reduce injuries, and finding the latest gadgets, tools and books that are sure to make your weaving more fun and relaxing!

Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade


Weavers at all levels appreciate the in-depth column in every issue that focuses on making your weaving life easier. In the past, Handwoven has included tips on how to cut cloth for weaving and a clever method for making a repair heddle. If you're not sure what that is, have some fun and make up your own definition. When the issue becomes available, check to see how close you came. You are sure to appreciate the value this section of each issue provides.

Study groups ROCK!


Have you ever considered learning to weave? In each upcoming issue of Handwoven you'll learn about our new Calendar Study Group. This is an excellent way for novice and experienced weavers alike to explore a favorite or new weave structure. A different weave structure will be introduced each month. We will post bibliographies and other info to help you plan samplers, and will provide online support through the forums in the community website.


Weaving Around the World

Weaving Around the World


Five times a year you will be delighted by the weaving spotlight segment of Handwoven. Explore the diverse and rich weaving cultures of a variety of communities around the world from the comfort of your own home. Discover weavers in Tinkuy de Tejoedores, the first ever gather of weavers from all over North and South America.& nbsp;Explore the techniques of weavers in Africa, South America and more. Experience it for yourself with Handwoven!

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"I am always inspired by the articles in Handwoven and once again, you have challenged me and inspired me to become not only a more skillful weaver, but also a more creative one!"


S. Ferrell, Taylorsville, NC

"I look forward to every issue you put out! I also appreciate the ongoing additions to the website. Very nice!
Robyn Spady


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