Handwrought Brass Bangle

Bangles are in! Practice your fabrication, soldering, and forming skills by creating this stunning bracelet.

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The shape of this bangle is marvelous! We love the opposing curves that it has. This bracelet will be a great complement to your wrist, and you know it! A great aspect of this bangle is that if you don’t have the tools for anticlastic work, you can make a similar necklace without them. Just put the bangle on the horn of your anvil and use the ball end of a ball-peen hammer to hammer the texture in—who knew!

Required Materials:

(a) 18 gauge Brass Sheet, 9”x 1.25” (b) Medium Solder and White Handy Flux (c) Drawing Paper and Pencil (d) Rubber Cement (e) Emery Cloth- 320 Grit

Tools Needed:
HAND TOOLS: Deep throated Saw Frame- 5" or Deeper,
2/0 Saw Blades, Saw Lubricant, Bracelet Mandrel, and #2 Flat
Hand or Half Round File

OTHER TOOLS: Flexible Shaft Machine, Vise, Stump or
Sturdy Workbench for mounting stakes, Optional: Belt
Sander with 220 grit Cloth

Originally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, July 2010

SKU: EP3257

Author/Speaker/Editor: William Fretz

Format: eProject

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