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How I Spin (DVD)

A common-sense approach to great productivity and creative joy.

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What can you learn from someone who spins all day, every day (except during gardening season), and who produces her own handspun shirts, sweaters, blankets, rugs, table linens, bath towels, aprons, even  gardening shorts? Short answer: A lot! Rita Buchanan has spent more thoughtful time preparing fiber, spinning yarn, and making fabrics from her handspun than perhaps anyone in the developed world. This is not just mindless handwork; Rita has a keen, analytical mind that she applies consistently to testing, sampling, and record keeping, and she balances this against her pure joy in the process. The result is a body of knowledge and practice that sometimes defies convention, and always instructs and engages.  In this set you’ll learn:

  • How to control yarn size with your hands, not with wheel adjustments
  • How to create the most wonderful preparations using cards, combs, and more
  • A no-fuss way to dye fiber in your oven
  • An easy approach to plying – and why plying may not matter much
  • How to spin cotton while reading your favorite book
  • And so much more.
About the Author

Master spinner Rita Buchanan is a former editor of Fine Gardening magazine, and former Associate Editor of SpinOff.  Her books include A Weaver’s Garden and A Dyer’s Garden (Interweave Press, 1995) . She lives in Winsted, Connecticut, with her husband, Steve.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Rita Buchanan

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683617

Customer Reviews

Excellent! Review by Tracey

Excellent video. The demonstrations are very well done and very thorough. I'm sure I will refer to it over and over again while preparing and spinning fiber.

(Posted on 5/16/14)

Excellent DVD Review by Deb

I live far away from possible teachers and decided to start spinning. I bought a wheel and various bits and pieces and then tried to learn from books, which got me going. Then I discovered the DVD workshops on Interweave. Watching Rita taught me loads and improved my spinning enormously. I was delighted with the results. Its helpful in many ways besides the actual spinning techniques and I have found it an invaluable learning resource. Having a 'live' workshop to refer to is a marvel of modern technology.

(Posted on 9/10/13)

How I Spin Review by Aija Podzuns

An absolutely brilliant DVD. There is so much content and Rita's knowledge is amazing. It covers so much, carding, combing, drum carding, different drafting methods, yarn sizes, etc. etc. Rita's enthusiasm is totally catching. I have watched this over and over again, very enjoyable to watch. When I first got thid DVD I was very much a novice spinner. It taught me so much and was just a wonderful resource.

(Posted on 8/8/12)

Great Teaching Tool Review by Lynne Chamallas

I just purchased this video and watched it. It is wonderful. She starts at the beginning and ends with your finished yarn. I learned a lot about drafting and she shows many ways to draft for your comfort. I love this video and find myself watching it over and over to continuously learn new techniques.

(Posted on 10/28/11)

The real deal Review by Bernard Dauphinais

I absolutely love this video. Rita Buchanan's discussion and demonstration is born from her experience, not a set of musts or rules. In that way the video is a pragmatic guide and inspiration. The real deal. I've watched it once and I know I'll be watching it again. And again.

(Posted on 3/16/11)

Wisdom from Rita Review by Laura Lundy

I love listening to Rita Buchanan explain her philosophy of the spinning life! Her message of "more time to enjoy playing with your fiber" is just what someone who, like me, gets frustrated or impatient with the slow pace of fiber work needs to learn. There's a lot of useful technical meat here, too. I have adopted her dyeing method and tools since watching this. She demonstrates subtle touches in wool combing that I never got from books. Even such a simple thing as letting a bit of your yarn ply back on itself has finesse the way she does it. It might not be the best choice for a new spinner's first video, but it should come soon after. I've watched it twice and will return to it many more times.

(Posted on 2/25/11)