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How I Spin (Video Download)

A common-sense approach to great productivity and creative joy now available as a video download.
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What can you learn from someone who spins all day, every day (except during gardening season), and who produces her own handspun shirts, sweaters, blankets, rugs, table linens, bath towels, aprons, even  gardening shorts? Short answer: A lot! Rita Buchanan has spent more thoughtful time preparing fiber, spinning yarn, and making fabrics from her handspun than perhaps anyone in the developed world. This is not just mindless handwork; Rita has a keen, analytical mind that she applies consistently to testing, sampling, and record keeping, and she balances this against her pure joy in the process. The result is a body of knowledge and practice that sometimes defies convention, and always instructs and engages.  In this set you’ll learn:

  • How to control yarn size with your hands, not with wheel adjustments
  • How to create the most wonderful preparations using cards, combs, and more
  • A no-fuss way to dye fiber in your oven
  • An easy approach to plying – and why plying may not matter much
  • How to spin cotton while reading your favorite book
  • And so much more.
About the Author

Master spinner Rita Buchanan is a former editor of Fine Gardening magazine, and former Associate Editor of SpinOff.  Her books include A Weaver’s Garden and A Dyer’s Garden (Interweave Press, 1995) . She lives in Winsted, Connecticut, with her husband, Steve.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Rita Buchanan

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

Great video packed with information. Review by naomiw

This is a wonderful addition to my spinning library. Rita gives great tips on sampling to get the yarn you are wanting and the information covered ranges from starting with raw fleece all the way to using your yarn. She has a very relaxed take on spinning that I found to be quite refreshing and inspiring.

(Posted on 7/22/14)

What gem!!! Review by Hermine Kraus

I am a fairly new spinner and enjoy spinning But I was feeling. that my spinning didn't improve and I decided to get the video download from Rita Buchanan's workshop.....what a wonderful surprise. I not only learned a lot ( so far I've never counted how often I treadled for a certain length of fiber...I did it according to the mood that stroke me ;-) ) but I really enjoyed Rita's passion for fibers...and I'm sure that I will watch this video over and over again for the things that are still to be learned, but also to catch a little bit of Rita's passion for life and her work: Thank you so very the way: I would have loved to see how the dyed wool turned out.

(Posted on 12/29/11)

Most informative Review by Cynthia Moore

Having taken many classes from Rita, I knew this was going to be good and I was not disappointed. I'm not a great spinner, but always do better when I watch Rita spin and explain things.

(Posted on 8/16/11)

The subtitle says it all Review by Debbie Keahey

This workshop truly focuses on what it says it will: producing yarn in a way that works best for you and celebrating the joy of the creative process. As an intermediate spinner I enjoyed the opportunity to observe Rita's preferred methods (withs lots of description of options and which she uses when) and share in her enthusiasm. I also picked up a few new tricks and techniques that I can't wait to try out. She covers fibre prep, colour blending, singles and plying, finishing, and lots about sampling. I will likely be watching this again and feel it was a good value. Digital download was effortless on Mac.

(Posted on 4/16/11)

How I Spin Review by Nancy Winters

I loved this too. When Rita said she loves the way the fiber feels in her hands, I knew exactly what she meant! Now, I am going to get up from the computer and go back in time . . . to my wheel.

(Posted on 2/9/11)

Loved it, so glad I purchased it Review by Tania Andreia de Sousa

I am a new spinner, started on a wheel not a spindle, have been spinning for about one month now and I wish I had purchased this video one month ago. this video is for people that spin on a wheel. as a new spinner I learned allot the first time I watched it, this video gives you close up shots which are a must for me. She goes over how she spins, also goes over how she dyes fiber, clean fleeces and more, there is allot of information, its two videos. I found it to be a good video quality. It downloaded very quickly and was able to watch it right away. I have a Mac and it worked fine. I think its a good video for anyone that spins no matter the skill level.

(Posted on 10/5/10)