How to Make Beaded Beads | Instructions and Techniques for Creating Outstanding Beaded Beads

Join Cindy Holsclaw as she discusses how to stitch beautiful beaded beads.
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About the Web Seminar

Beaded beads are a wonderful way to explore beadweaving in a small, self-contained piece of beadwork. What better way to create a bead than by weaving it out of other beads? But what are the different methods you can use to create a beaded bead?

Join Cindy Holsclaw, a bead artist with a background in science and mathematics, and learn how stitch your own beaded beads using a strong foundation in geometry. In this webinar, she'll share her insights into how she uses geometry to create her beaded designs, and how you can apply the same techniques at home.

Learn the different stitches that you can use to create a beaded bead, what makes a beaded bead self-supporting, and when it might be a good idea to include a larger core bead. Discover how one geometric shape can create many different kinds of beaded beads!

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how to make beaded beads using basic geometry.
  • Understand the different geometries that make up different beaded beads.
  • Explore the differences between beading around a large core bead and creating a self-supporting beaded bead.
  • Discover how to incorporate new bead shapes such as two-hole beads into beaded beads.
  • Create the basic cube and dodecahedron beaded beads, and embellish them with your own designs!
  • And much more!

About the Instructor

Cindy Holsclaw is a bead artist and a scientist specializing in beaded art inspired by geometry, chemistry, and biology. Her fascination with new and interesting beading structures permeates her jewelry designs. Cindy's strong foundation as an academic shapes her writing skills, and she enjoys teaching beadweaving classes across the country. She is an attentive and patient instructor during class, and her beading patterns are fully illustrated and complete with troubleshooting tips and design variations. To see more of her work, please visit her website at

Who Should Attend?

  • Beginning beaders who want to learn how to make a geometric beaded bead.
  • Beaders who know the basic beading stitches and want to learn more about how they can be applied to beaded beads.
  • Advanced beaders who want to learn about challenging beaded beads.
  • Fans of beaded beads who want to learn how they are designed.
  • Bead artists who want to develop their own beaded beads.
  • Fans of geometry and science, or those interested in seeing how to use math in their beadwork.

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