Customized Sketchbooks: How to Personalize Pocket Sketchbooks Using Surface Design and Hand Stitching for on-the-go Inspiration On Demand Web Seminar

Join Lynn Krawczyk in a web seminar as she discusses how to create unique mixed-media sketchbooks with stitching and surface design techniques.
On-Demand Web Seminar

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The humble sketchbook is an artist’s constant companion. They come in all shapes and sizes but by far the most convenient is the pocket sketchbook. Tucked in purses, bags and shirt pockets, it’s always at the ready to record inspiration or help work out a design idea. But off the shelf sketchbooks lack a personal touch, a blandness that isn’t always enticing when your creative spirit is looking for a place to land.


Customizing store bought sketchbooks is a snap with a little paint, thread, fabric and easy surface design. Lynn will share with you the process on how to create a fabric wrap closure that reflects your personality. She will also bring her love of hand stitching into the project and show you just how easy it is to create hand stitched pattern on sketchbooks with chip board covers. Doodling and easy paint techniques can also be added to the covers to further make it your own.


This project is the perfect way to dip your toes into surface design and hand stitching. Not only is it a spark of inspiration any time you reach for your sketchbook, it is an easy gift to make to share with artist friends. Time to give your sketchbook a face lift!



  • Learn easy monoprinting technique with a Gelli Arts plate, paint and torn paper masks to create background prints on fabric.
  • Create a fun fabric wrap closure construction that can be customized to any size book, not just pocket sketchbooks!
  • Learn tips on how hand stitching can add texture to your fabric projects.
  • Explore simple paint techniques and doodling advice for adding a pop of color and interest to the cover of your sketchbook.
  • Learn how to hand stitch through the chipboard cover for a truly unique sketchbook presentation.
  • Walk through how to design your sketchbook based on personal color choices, placement of fabric wrap closure and other cover decorations.


  • Artists who have been hesitant about using surface design in their work. This project will introduce you to monoprinitng in a simple, low pressure way.
  • Artists interested in learning how to build layers of paint and stitching to create fabric projects with depth.
  • Anyone interested in learning the basics of designing a small custom project.
  • Stitchers interested in using basic stitches to create graphic design element punches in their work.
  • Sketchbook enthusiasts looking to add unique books to their collection
  • Mixed media artists interested in combining fabric with other materials.



Lynn is a surface design artist and writer. She writes frequently for Quilting Arts Magazine and has just published her first book on printing customized fabric for your artwork, Intentional Printing. She also has two DVD workshops with Interweave – Print, Design, Compose and Color Theory Made Easy. She believes that not only is surface design fun, it’s empowering – giving you the tools to let your artist voice come through in your work loud and proud. She lives in Southeast Michigan with her dog (aka thread stealer), Carter.

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