How to Photograph Your Jewelry

Join Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist photographer Jim Lawson for an in-depth look at capturing professional-looking photos of your own handmade jewelry.

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Take stunning photos of your jewelry . . . In a snap!

Get expert tips and tricks on how to photograph your own jewelry. Join Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist photographer Jim Lawson for an in-depth look at capturing professional-looking photos of your handmade jewelry.

Discover different ways to accentuate a variety of materials and types of jewelry. From sparkling faceted beads and highly polished copper to natural stone pendants and sanded sterling silver, Jim covers how to make your pieces look their best.

Take a comprehensive look into photographing jewelry as you:

  • Discover how to set up your light to maximize the look of your jewelry designs.
  • See how the simple addition of fill cards dramatically improves the details of your jewelry.
  • Get expert answers to frequently asked questions with jewelry professional Lexi Erickson.
  • Uncover the secrets behind great photos with the use of gradient backgrounds, light diffusion screens, and more.
  • Learn how to take quality photos with a point ā€˜nā€™ shoot camera and inexpensive setup.
  • From juried photos to online selling, enhance your photos for maximum success.
  • Explore insider tips on how to use computer programs to enhance your shoots.
  • And more!


Table of Contents
  • Introduction with Lexi Erickson, Professional Jewelry Designer
  • Point 'n' Shoot Success
  • Using a Fill Card
  • Beyond Point 'n' Shoot Cameras
  • Photographing Sparkle and Color
  • Diffusion Frames
  • Capturing Detail
  • Creating a Gradient Background
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Jim Lawson

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596689770

Customer Reviews

FANTASTIC!!! Review by Chad McRoberts of

This video is simply fantastic. The advice is sound and clearly demonstrated. WORTH EVERY PENNY and more.

(Posted on 1/23/14)

So Worth It! Review by NULL NULL

I will try to be brief. My husband and I recently started a new web site for our jewelry business. A couple of the concepts Jim talks about, I've been able to figure out on my own by trial and error. But he is able to take things a lot further for us by showing quick and inexpensive ways to achieve even better and more professional looking results. Oh the time and frustration it would have saved me had I watched this when I first downloaded it a couple weeks ago! The procedures he explains, and tips and tricks he not just explains, but actually shows, how to do are invaluable! I cannot encourage anyone enough to GET THIS RESOURCE. You won't regret it - it's worth every cent!

(Posted on 4/10/12)

Get This Video! Review by Sharon Peterson

As someone who has struggled with jewelry photography for my etsy site, I highly recommend this practical, easy to follow video. From easy set design, to lighting and camera settings, this video made it easy to deliver the results I'd been trying to get on my own for a year. I've watched the video twice, and was able to get better photos right away. I went back and watched it again after I put some of the tips and techniques into practice, and upleveled the photos even more. The best part is that the video recommends affordable supplies, tools, and devices and provides sources for purchasing (or making) them. This video has truly been one of the best investments in my business I've made so far.

(Posted on 4/10/12)

How to Photograph Your Jewelry Review by Doris Clausen

I purchased the DVD version, and I love it. Jim Lawson makes it look so easy and simple. You don

(Posted on 3/11/12)