How To Repurpose Your Art to Make Digital Quilt Designs using Photoshop CS6 On Demand Web Seminar

Join Margaret Applin as she discusses how to take your own piece of art and turn it into a beautiful digital surface design.

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About the Web Seminar:


Got collages or other artwork you don’t know what to do with? I’ve got the answer! Repurpose your art to create a cohesive collection of repeat patterns for textiles or other design applications. Whether it’s a monoprint, journal page, line drawing or a collage, why not use it to create your own collection of designs to use in new ways? Join Margaret Applin for this eye-opening web seminar on how to maximize the potential of your art.


With Adobe® Photoshop® now in the Cloud, a lot more people are able to use the full program without spending hundreds of dollars up front. Adobe makes it affordable to license Photoshop® CS6 for a low monthly payment. Are you afraid that you are not technically ready to take on Photoshop® CS6? No worries! The platform looks and feels like its baby brother program, Photoshop® Elements (versions 7-10) and you won’t be confused as Margaret takes you step-by-step through creating repeat patterns from your repurposed artwork. (This is not a full demonstration of the functionality within Photoshop® CS6.)


Photoshop® CS6 has more functions to help us create more sophisticated designs, however, these techniques also work in Photoshop® Elements versions 7-10. In this web seminar, Margaret will show you how to build a cohesive collection of colorful designs using your previously created artwork. Find out just how much potential there is to create new and fresh looking designs using easy techniques in CS6!


What You'll Learn:

  • Create one main design and two (2) coordinates using scans of previously created art
  • Create a new design by flipping and rotating sections of existing art using templates provided in PSD format
  • Create a new design using computer generated shapes
  • Create more sophisticated design options using filters to change the look and feel of your designs
  • Create designs by pulling shapes from newly created designs to create a cohesive look and adding more hand-drawn elements if desired
  • Create layers of patterns and change the looks with color adjustments and blending modes
  • Use various tools to help you place design elements
  • Test pattern designs and troubleshoot imperfections
  • Save your designs for digital printing and web publishing


About the Instructor:


Margaret Applin is a mixed-media artist from Massachusetts who is passionate about color, shape and design. Margaret enjoys exploring various studio techniques for creating surface design such as stamp and stencil making, drawing, mono-printing, screen-printing, and straight digital design to develop the building blocks that define her artwork. Her love of digital design inspires Margaret to use her artwork to create simple and complex pattern designs with a fresh, textured and playfully-elegant look and feel.


Margaret has published numerous articles on art-quilting, mixed-media and digital design with Interweave/FW Media. A full listing of articles is available on Margaret’s website at Visit to purchase Margaret’s live webinar, “Enhance Your Quilting With Digital Surface Design Techniques: Creating Brushes in Photoshop® Elements,” and instructional DVD’s, “Digital Design for Screen Printing: Creating Mini Canvas Screens for Surface Design” and “Paint, Print, Layer, Collage: Creating With Personal Imagery.”


Who Should Attend?

  • Artists who are interested in maximizing the potential of their artwork
  • Artists who would like to know how to create seamless repeat patterns to design their own fabrics
  • Artists who want to learn creative ways to use computer generated shapes and hand-drawn elements as brushes to build unique designs
  • Artists who would like to create a collection of designs from their artwork
  • Artists who are looking to enhance their current digital design skills using Photoshop® CS6
  • Artists who want to know more about using layers in their digital design
  • Artists who want to find a use for all the extra art floating around their studios

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