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Learn how to sew bags and totes for everyday life.
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You’ll never hear a woman say she has too many bags. Such a dilemma doesn’t exist! We love bags in all colors, styles, and sizes so every outfit is fabulously accessorized, which is precisely why Linda Lee’s Workshop is a must.

Learn how to sew bags and totes exactly to your liking when you tune into Stitch Contributing Editor Linda Lee’s easy-to-follow guidance. She will share her favorite techniques for making stylish bags that will hold up to the rigors of everyday life. Learn how to choose the right bag for you and how to select materials such as fabrics, lining, interlining, and straps. Discover techniques for installing zippers, from exterior to interior to top closure; attaching the lining and handles; constructing corners and bottoms; and working with hardware. Walk away with solid sewing knowledge that you can use in the making of any bag you desire!

Get ready to have ah-ha moments aplenty when discover the perfect use for materials and fabric you likely already have stored in your sewing studio.

About the Author
Linda Lee is owner of The Sewing Workshop and a Stitch contributing editor.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Linda Lee

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Customer Reviews

Liked the Bags Review by Lynn

I liked the bags that were demonstrated. As with some of the other comments, some information was missing. I wanted to actually make one of the bags she was demonstrating but I wanted more details on how to make a specific bag, such as how much fabric, sizes of the pieces she cut, etc. Not sure if there is a pattern or if this information is in a book or????

(Posted on 5/30/14)

missing info on box bottom Review by Cheryl

I was going to buy this.But i won't until I see that the video has been corrected to add the missing info..

please mark is as corrected video and I will buy this.

thank you.

(Posted on 2/14/14)

good but I would like the missing content Review by Robin

I thought this workshop was well done and had many valuable tips, but as a previous reviewer said, some content was missing. The presenter left to 'do some sewing', but when she returned she did not cover the two things she had referred to before the break. It seemed as though that content was accidentally edited out. Perhaps a pdf could be created giving the missing tips and made available to those who have purchased the video?

(Posted on 11/29/13)

Disjointed and omissions Review by Mary Jane

I purchased this video at 14.95. Had trouble downloading and had to write 2X to find out it was technical problem (not mine) had to do use an extra step to bypass streaming. Not sure if there were omissions due to downloading problem or poor editing. i.e.. She draws attention to the bottom of the "downtown bag" and says later she will show how to make a box bottom- never does. She sews up one side seam and says she will finish and come back to show tricks on how to sew the lining and turn the bag - never does. This is always a technical problem when making a bag and I purchased the video to learn how she solves this. A few tips may be worth the 8.97 price but I'm not sure the time spent watching is worth it. Very disappointing

(Posted on 10/4/13)

Poorly made or edited Review by Mary Jane

First I had trouble downloading this product as it would only stream. It was a technical problem and was bypassed with instructions after I wrote twice to customer service. But the workshop video itself has omissions. She draws attention to the bottom of the bag when she is preparing to sew the side seems and states she will talk later about how to make a box bottom and then never does. After she sews one side seem of the bag she states she will come back and show a "trick on dealing with the lining and turning the bag" and never does. So she never demos how to finish the bag with lining inside. An important detail in bag making and one of the reasons I bought this workshop.

(Posted on 10/4/13)

Great Video! Review by Nell

The designer who presented the video is clear and detailed in this lesson. She is not at all boring and her voice is calming. I learned so much about bag making and I am so excited to start making some cool bags. She really shows that zippers don't have to be scary.

(Posted on 8/20/13)