Quilting Arts In Stitches Volume 2 eMag for iPad

Introducing the second volume of Quilting Arts in Stitches! Our first dynamic digital eMag was a great success, so we couldn't wait to bring you volume 2!

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Introducing the second edition of Quilting Arts in Stitches!

Our first dynamic digital eMag was a great success, so we couldn’t wait to bring volume 2 to you! Inside this eMag, you’ll find exceptional content, videos galore, slideshows with zoom capabilities, scrolling informational and tip boxes, step-by-step instructional articles, printable materials lists, printable pages, bios for all the contributing artists, and so much more!

Articles and Projects include:

  • Artist Profile with Marianne Burr, including a zoom slideshow with numerous art quilt images
  • A colorful stitched and painted camera strap project with Michelle Allen
  • Liz Kettle’s primer on using metallic threads
  • Insight from Lyric Kinard on using stitch as a design element
  • Pokey’s studio visit with art quilter Judith Trager, plus more from Judith
  • Tips for making a stitchery workbook
  • Ideas for making screen-printed fabric pendants
  • Deborah Boshert’s approach to using sheers for stitched silhouettes
  • Embroidered silk cuffs by Jackie Cardy
  • And much more!


Format: eMag



Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2

1. So what is Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2?

Quilting Arts in Stitches Vol. 2 is the second in our dynamic digital product series called eMags that you can download onto your computer and enjoy on or offline. It requires a simple software application called Adobe® AIR® that’s easy to use and can be installed on your computer for free. Quilting Arts in Stitches includes articles, videos, gallery slideshows of quilts, hyperlinks to inspiring and informative websites, and so much more. With just the click of your mouse, you can open and play videos, view slideshows of quilts, and navigate easily around the eMag.

2. What is the editorial focus of Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2?

Inside Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2 you’ll find:

Videos with tips and tutorials for mastering machine stitching, slide show galleries with zoom capabilities, scrolling informational and tip boxes, artist bios, printable materials lists and pages, step-by-step instructional articles, and so much more!

Articles include:

  • Thread –painted Pet Portraits with Faith Cleary: Watch Faith’s demonstration of how to machine stitch gorgeous pet portraits.
  • Artist Profile of Marianne Burr: Delve into the colorful, vibrant hand stitching world of Marianne and enjoy her slide show gallery.
  • Using Stitch as a Design Element with Lyric Kinard: Learn how to use machine quilting to resolve design challenges with Lyric’s fabulous tips.
  • In the Studio with Judith Trager: Watch Judith’s approach to design, and learn her method for making free-motion satin stitched motifs.
  • Metallic Thread: Without the Tension Headache with Liz Kettle: Get Liz’s tips for success in working with metallic threads.
  • Book Your Passage with a Stitch Passport with Debbie Bates: Explore stitchery in a workbook format and learn Debbie’s process and design tips.
  • Sheer Stitched Silhouettes with Deborah Boschert: Learn how to use sheer layers to create more depth in art quilts.
  • Embroidered Silk Cuff with Jackie Cardy: Create a neat, colorful, and fashionable stitching project with Jackie.
  • Screen-printed Fabric Pendant with Lynn Krawczyk: Join Lynn in making a quick and easy stitching project that you can wear.
  • A Stylish Stitched and Painted Camera Strap Cover with Michelle Allen: Enjoy this tutorial to jazz up your camera.

3. How is it different from the digital edition of Quilting Arts Magazine®?

Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2 is an entirely unique product, separate from Quilting Arts Magazine®, that focuses on hand and machine stitch. Unlike the digital editions of Quilting Arts Magazine®, which are exact digital replications of the print editions, Quilting Arts in Stitches Vol. 2 was developed solely as a digital products so that it can capitalize on all the benefits of online media capabilities, including videos, slideshows, zoom options that enable you to see close-ups of quilts, patterns that can be downloaded and printed, abilities to hyperlink to special sites, and so much more.

4. Will Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2 be available as a print magazine?

Because this was built as a digital product, it will not be printed as a traditional magazine. However, we hope you'll take advantage of the many printable materials we've included

5. Will Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2 mean that Quilting Arts Magazine® will stop printing?

Absolutely not! Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 2 is an entirely separate, additional product to the Quilting Arts family. Quilting Arts Magazine® is still our flagship publication. We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary, and have exciting issues ahead as we greet the next 10 years!


Format: eMag