Quilting Arts In Stitches Volume 4 eMag for iPad

This fourth edition of Quilting Arts in Stitches brings the work of some of today's leading quilt artists right into your studio!

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Today’s leading quilt artists bring their tips and tricks right to your studio! Introducing the latest eMag from Quilting Arts...in Stitches 4!

Explore all of the interactive features, like slide shows of images that you can zoom in close enough to see every stitch, and videos you can play, pause, and repeat to your heart’s content. You’ll also discover step-by-step instructional articles, printable materials lists, printable pages, bios for all the contributing artists, and so much more!

Learn essential techniques and how-tos in this beautiful 4th volume, including:

  • Blending colors to make unique thread paintings with Lauren Evatt Finley.
  • How to make an impact with thicker threads with Elin Waterston.
  • The pain-free way to stitch sticks and stones with Jane Dávila.
  • Making your stitches come alive with texture with Dijanne Cevaal.
  • And so much more!


Format: eMag



1. So what is Quilting Arts in Stitches?

Quilting Arts in Stitches includes articles, videos, gallery slideshows of quilts, hyperlinks to inspiring and informative websites, and so much more. With just the click of your mouse, you can open and play videos, view slideshows of quilts, and navigate easily around the eMag.

2. What is the editorial focus of Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 4?

Inside Quilting Arts in Stitches Vol. 4 you’ll find videos with tips and tutorials for mastering machine stitching, images with zoom capabilities, scrolling informational and tip boxes, artist bios, printable materials lists and pages, step-by-step instructional articles, and so much more!

Articles include:

  • Stitching Stories into Quilts with Ruth de Vos: Hidden images help tell a story.
  • Colored Pencils and Cotton Threads with Lauren Evatt Finley: Blend colors to make unique thread paintings.
  • Around the World in Stitches: Arpilleras with Margorie Agosin: Travel to South America to learn about Arpilleras.
  • Drawing with Your Bobbin with Elin Waterson: Make an impact with thicker threads.
  • Small Art, Big Presence with Kristin LaFlamme: Create small art that has a lot to say.
  • The Liveliness of the Stitch with Dijanne Cevaal: Make your stitches come alive with texture.
  • You Stitched What? Sticks and Stones with Jane Dávila: The pain-free way to stitch sticks and stones.
  • Threads: See which threads some of your favorite artists use!
  • Felted Flowerpot Cuff with Kelli Nina Perkins: Jazz up your boring flower pots with this fun and funky project!

3. How is it different from the digital edition of Quilting Arts Magazine®?

Quilting Arts in Stitches is an entirely unique product, separate from Quilting Arts Magazine®, that focuses on hand and machine stitch. Unlike the digital editions of Quilting Arts Magazine®, which are exact digital replications of the print editions, Quilting Arts in Stitches was developed solely as a digital product so that it can capitalize on all the benefits of online media capabilities, including videos, slideshows, zoom options that enable you to see close-ups of quilts, patterns that can be downloaded and printed, abilities to hyperlink to special sites, and so much more.

4. Will Quilting Arts in Stitches be available as a print magazine?

Because this was built as a digital product, it will not be printed as a traditional magazine. However, we hope you'll take advantage of the many printable materials we've included.

5. Will Quilting Arts in Stitches mean that Quilting Arts Magazine® will stop printing?

Absolutely not! Quilting Arts in Stitches is an entirely separate, additional product to the Quilting Arts family. Quilting Arts Magazine® is still our flagship publication. We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary, and have exciting issues ahead as we greet the next 10 years!

6. I would like to better understand how to view and navigate this eMag. Is there a demo of it I could see in order to do so?

Yes! See Jane and Pokey’s Welcome Preview


Format: eMag

Customer Reviews

In stitches 4 Review by Chiara Cingano

Like all the other e-mags, it's absolutely brilliant. the techniques covered are varied, so there's something for everyone (except maybe beginners, but it makeds you want to try these new techniques like pet portraits or tread painting with crayons). The artists featured are outstanding as well. WELL DONE Interweave! Keep up the good work!

(Posted on 11/13/2011)

(Posted on 11/13/2011)

I have purchased 4 of these programes. Review by Edward Smith

The quilting group I am a member of are not at all art quilters. So I rely on the above information which I must add is very helpful inspiring and I refer to them often. They are set out in such a way that I am able to understand and receive a lot of insprition. Thank you. Carol Smith

(Posted on 11/13/2011)

(Posted on 11/13/2011)

Itching to be stitching Review by Andi Shannon

Love the emags with everything literally at my fingertips. There is a good balance of learning info and challenges. If only I could digitize my existing studio library!

(Posted on 11/11/2011)

(Posted on 11/11/2011)

In stitches volume 4 eMag Review by Eliane Bruggeman

The eMag is very interesting , you can see practical things to use in the quilts . The explanation is very clear and there are links to the webpage of the artists. The advantage of eMag is also you can always look back and see how you have to do things to make. Congratulations! I hope others will follow!

(Posted on 10/5/2011)

(Posted on 10/5/2011)