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Incite, Dreams Realized

Experience the art of 93 mixed-media artists, explore the facets of their artistic journeys, and let their experiences inspire your own creative processes.

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Incite, Dreams Realized

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Incite, Dreams Realized eBook

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You’ll love this art inspiration book if:

  • You love looking at the work of other mixed-media artists
  • You want to hear the stories of other artists’ artistic journeys
  • You’re looking for inspiration and encouragement for your own mixed-media art projects

Incite, Dreams Realized is a compilation of more than 120 works of mixed-media art, and an exploration of the artists behind these incredible pieces. The projects included come from a variety of artistic approaches, from collage and acrylic painting, to assemblage, sculpture, and much more. For each piece, you’ll not only get to admire the art itself, but you’ll also get a glimpse into the creative mind of the mixed-media artist who made it by learning about the event or experience that inspired it.

Take the opportunity to be in awe of the work of 93 mixed-media artists, and don’t hesitate to use this compilation as inspiration for your own projects. Be encouraged by the artistic journeys of these artists, and let their experiences flow into the realization of your own dreams.

In Incite, Dreams Realized you’ll find:

  • Over 120 examples of artwork from 93 mixed-media artists
  • Stories of artistic visions fulfilled, lofty goals achieved, and daunting obstacles overcome

A word from the editor:

“Dreams are comprised of many facets, and as artists, we have no shortage of artistic dreams—intentions of success, messages we hope our work conveys, triumphing over challenges and realizing self-growth, just to name a few directions these dreams can take.” —Tonia Jenny

About the editor:

Tonia Jenny (formerly Tonia Davenport) is the acquisitions editor and senior content developer for North Light Mixed Media. A mixed-media artist and jewelry designer herself, Tonia has authored two North Light books: Frame It! and Plexi Class. When she’s not busy making art, cooking, reading or exploring new ways of looking at the world, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.


Dreams Realized

The Stuff of Dreams

Artful Escapes

New Frontiers

Rising to the Challenge

Signs of Hope

Artistic Awakening

Creative Process

Deliberate Vision



SKU: GROUP-V9531-V9532

Author/Speaker/Editor: Tonia Jenny

ISBN 13: 9781440324826

SKU: GROUP-V9531-V9532

Author/Speaker/Editor: Tonia Jenny

ISBN 13: 9781440324826