Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Paint - Turquoise

DECO ART-Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Ink. This fantastic ink allows you to create images on paper then transfer them to fabric. Featured in the November/December 2012 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

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Featured in "This Just In" of the November/December 2012 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, Ink Effects allows you to draw freehand or color in a printed outline--it works with any image on any white paper. Once dry; simply iron it onto your fabric. It absorbs into the fabric for a soft and flexible transfer that is permanent and washable. A wide variety of colors are available (each sold separately) so let your creativity shine! This package contains one 1 fl.oz bottle of fabric transfer ink. For best results use on white or light colored fabrics containing less than 30% cotton. For fabrics with a higher cotton content; first prep the area with Ink Effects Basecoat (sold separately).

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Customer Reviews

Easy to Use - VERY Poor Results Review by Katherine

When I first saw Ink Effects, I was totally stoked and thought it was a great idea! I couldn't wait to try them - I bought every color, along with the base coat. When they all arrived, I set up an area to paint some paper. I actually used them to decorate a t-shirt for my daughter to attend the Taylor Swift concert. I roughly sketched out my idea, got a clean piece of paper and went to work. I spent a lot of time on the design - the concert was important to her and I wanted her to have a really cool shirt to wear. (The tickets were a 13th birthday present.) I carefully followed all the directions, using the base coat and ironing the backside of the paper with precision. The painted image transfers EXTREMELY poorly. These paints are good if you are going for a grunge look - but if you want your freshly painted image to transfer crisply to fabric, this is SO not the paint for you.

Update: I painted the shirt about 5 months ago. It's been washed several times, but has not held up well. A good portion of the design is so faded you can't see it. The rest of it looks like it's vintage (vintage Taylor Swift? lol) - my daughter sleeps in the shirt now. She doesn't like how faded the design is...and I don't blame her. I was so excited to make and give her the t-shirt for her birthday. I'm bummed this project turned out so poorly - and I'm extremely disappointed in Ink Effects. Deco Art is usually an outstanding company - but the flubbed this one. Big time.

(Posted on 11/30/13)