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Inkle Weaving A to Z: The Basics and Beyond Video Download

Join Jane Patrick as she explores inkle weaving. Learn the very basics from warping and weaving on an inkle loom to more complex inkle weaving patterns.
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Join Jane Patrick in a two hour workshop all about inkle weaving!

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Inkle weaving is portable, versatile, and fun for weavers of any age or experience level.  With these clever little weaving looms, you can weave bands (inkle, after all, means “band”) with simple patterns or complex ethnic designs, or make novelty trims for clothing, accessories, and home décor.

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In this video, Jane Patrick teaches the basics and explains the imaginative possibilities of inkle weaving:

  • Warping the inkle loom—Learn how to set tension, make heddles, tie the heddles on to the loom, measure warp threads on the warping pegs, and changecolors.
  • Weaving on the inkle loom —Learn how to load a shuttle, make a shed, establish width, create a tight a consistent weave, secure in ends, change yarns, advance the weave, and finish a band
  • Basic inkle-weaving patterns—Learn how to create a variety of simple patterns from horizontal bars, vertical wavy lines, dots, and more, and putting them all together, plus discover how to use color to create simple, yet stunning designs.
  • Reading and designing inkle drafts—Understand abbreviations, learn to use graph paper to create your own designs, and figure out your own process for note keeping.
  • Yarns for inkle weaving—Learn how to pick the right yarns for your project, fiber type, size of yarn, and novelty yarns—and learn which yarns that may not be suitable for inkle weaving.
  • Weaving and designing pick-up patterns—Learn how to weave pick-up patterns from very simple to extremely complex, use a pick-up stick to create repeating patterns, and design patterns for pick-up.
  • Traditional pebble-weave patterns and weaving letters
  • More ideas for inkle patterning—Learn rep weave and other multi-shuttle weaves, weaving a tube, weaving weft fringes, weaving inlay, turning weft-faced patterns to warp-faced, and painting on the warp
  • Finishing techniques for inkle fabric—Discover finishing techniques like knotting, twining, wrapping, macramé, braiding, twisting, and sewing in the ends.
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This video also includes a booklet of projects to get you started. With Jane’s expert and enthusiastic help, you’ll soon be enjoying the endless fun of inkle weaving.
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About the Author
Jane Patrick was captivated by handweaving from the first time she saw a loom in Iceland, over forty years ago. It has been her life’s passion as well as her profession. Jane is the former editor of Handwoven magazine, Creative Director for Schacht Spindle Company, and the author of Time to Weave (Interweave, 2006) and the Weaver’s Idea Book (Interweave, 2010).

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Customer Reviews

Very helpful Review by Fran

Showed how to warp, how to make heddles, how to create a basic pattern, how to use pickup, how to plan your own design. I like that Jane compared the inkle to the rigid heddle loom, since many viewers will have had experience with RH - helps with understanding (and nothing lost if you haven't used RH). Occasionally camera angles are less than ideal, but overall very helpful.

(Posted on 1/20/14)

Excellent Review by Dianne

This is a well made, easy to follow DVD. I am very happy with my purchase.

(Posted on 1/20/14)

Fantastic Video with all a beginner needs to get going. Review by Linda

A joy to watch again and again. I shall revisit and learn for a long time coming.

This instructional video teaches in a hands on way, using visual teaching, which is just what artists need, in order to take in and learn. There is a depth of info, tips and tricks for both beginner and intermediate inkle weavers to indulge themselves with.

The format of this video is to be praised highly as is the passion and enthusiasm of Jane Patrick whose love of weaving excites and inspires in all her videos and books. A must have for all weaving enthusiasts.

(Posted on 1/1/14)

Excellent instructional Review by Genny

Beginning inkle weavers will find this inkle instructional DVD very helpful to kick-start their inkle weaving experience. Hi-definition close-ups will help the learner understand the basics of inkle weaving quickly. I really enjoy inkle weaving though its not as fast to weave on as a shuttle loom, it seems pretty fast to me and can weave a long band in under an hour. I purchased it during the sale time and looks like the sale price is gone even lower now. Not sure how long this sale price will last!

(Posted on 12/28/13)