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Knitting Daily Workshop: Inside Intarsia with Anne Berk DVD

Master Intarsia Knitting with expert Anne Berk, now on DVD

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Learn the ins and outs of intarsia knitting with master Anne Berk!

Master knitter and designer Anne Berk takes you on a journey of intarsia knitting. She explains the difference between intarsia and stranded knitting, how to manage your yarns while knitting intarsia, demonstrates knitting techniques in the round, and more.
With the Knitting Daily Workshop: Inside Intarsia with Anne Berk DVD, you'll learn:

--Beginning basics of intarsia, such as how to read a colorwork chart, join new yarns into your work, orient stitches properly while weaving in your yarn ends, and more
--Knitting intarsia techniques for knitting intarsia in the round,plus how to convert knitting patterns with an example of an argyle sock pattern knit both flat and in the round
--How to fix common intarsia knitting mistakes, such as forgetting to link yarns when switching colors, what to do if you use the wrong color or drop a stitch, and more
Plus, with the purchase of this DVD, you'll receive access to two of Anne Berk's patterns--a coffee cozy and a stylish, colorful beret to practice your new intarsia knitting skills.
About the Author
Anne Berk was certified by the Knitting Guild of America as a Master Knitter in 2003. Anne especially enjoys teaching about techniques that improve the quality and appearance of handknits. She has been a knitting instructor since 1998. Anne has designed for ShibuiKnits and Simply Shetland, and taught "Argyle Socks" at Sock Summit 2009. Anne is also an optometrist in private practice in Portland.

SKU: 10KN26

Author/Speaker/Editor: Anne Berk

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683181

Customer Reviews

I needed this DVD Review by Dominique

I'd tried several times to figure out how to knit Intarsia and was simply stuck. I'm so very glad I bought this DVD. Now I will be able to review as needed, until I get this method set in my mind.

(Posted on 3/4/14)

Confidence builder Review by Kelly

I loved this DVD! I am not new to intarsia and still learned new things. I bought this to learn to knit intarsia in the round but I feel like I had a great refresher coarse in basic intarsia as well as ways of making my work neater and tidier. So glad I have it in my library to pull out and watch again when needed.

(Posted on 1/22/14)

Empowering DVD Review by NULL NULL

I really learned a lot from Anne Berk's Intarsia Workshop DVD. As a beginning self-taught knitter ready to learn more advanced techniques, Anne

(Posted on 4/8/11)

Not all I thought it would be Review by Dain Frisby-Dart

I was drawn to this dvd by the desire to learn to knit Intarsia in the round, as per the description of the dvd. Although I did get a rough sense of how that could be possible (after watching the segment multiple times), I left this Intarsia workshop feeling pretty disappointed. Although I have been knitting for about 7 years, I've never done any real Intarsia work, so I was very excited about learning. Unfortunately, Ann Berk & the directors of this show failed to cater to those of us who are beginners in the technique. I felt completely lost from the get-go and I re-watched it from beginning to end several times because I just thought I must be missing something! Alas, it seems to be just the failure of the host and show producers to translate Ms. Berk's methods in a manner that can be understood by someone not in the room with her. Her work is beautiful and I'm sure she's a great designer and teacher, but this disc failed to not only not help me, but managed to make me feel like somewhat of a knitting idiot in the process since I couldn't get it.

(Posted on 1/24/11)

Feels incomplete, not quite for beginners Review by Makiko Itoh

I have been knitting for years, but am not confident about my color knitting techniques, and was hoping to get a good ground level how-to with this DVD. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Watching this DVD felt as though I was jumping into the middle of a multipart intarsia workshop course. If you are a complete beginner to color knitting, you will be totally lost, so the description is rather misleading in that sense. There are some good tips for intermediate to advenced color knitters. The 'intarsia in the round' segment was especially useful. I'm sure that in person, Anne Berk is a terrific teacher. It's just that this DVD does not really do what the label says.

(Posted on 12/28/10)