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Inspired To Knit: Creating Exquisite Handknits

Features four mini workshops with 21 patterns and spectacular photography conceptualized to help knitters think creatively, find inspiration in their surroundings, and shape those elements into garment design.

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Get inside the artistic mind of talented knitwear designer Michele Rose Orne and discover her secrets to creating beautiful handknits for any season of the year. Inspired to Knit features four mini workshops with twenty-one patterns and spectacular photography conceptualized to help knitters think creatively, find inspiration in their surroundings, and shape those elements into garment design. Along the way knitters will pick up invaluable tips and tricks of the trade plus a wealth of inspiration.

Stunning patterns are arranged by season, reflecting the colors and beauty of nature that inspires Michele's feminine designs. From an amber beaded cardigan that captures the feeling of hay fields drying in the sun to a long, belted coat with a spray of feminine coral roses inspired by flowers in her local market to an intarsia jacket that evokes memories of a fall hike in a forest, each pattern is rich with color, detailing, and romantic knitting style. Design workshops throughout the book guide and challenge readers to find inspiration in their surroundings, build color palettes, swatch creatively through knitting and sketching, and finesse their style and fit. Think more creatively about knitting and unleash your inner designer with Inspired to Knit!

Reviews: "A lovely book that should inspire designers and want-to-be designers alike." Guide to Knitting

"If you've ever wondered how a designer comes up with his or her ideas, and how you might yourself go from a general idea about a color or a theme and come up with your own knitwear designs, this is a great book to check out. It may just get you to build your own vision boards and get you started looking at how patterns come together in a new way." Guide to Knitting

"If you are looking for knitting inspiration... look no farther than Inspired to Knit."-Bangor Daily News

"If you are an advanced knitter looking for sophisticated and feminine designs that could have stepped out of an Anthropologie catalogue... Inspired to Knit is the knitting book for you.", Alyse Wax,

"Stunning. This is some of the loveliest, most innovative work I've seen in a quite a while. It's a rare book that contains multiple patterns that I love enough to knit. Rarer still that one arrives in which I want to knit everything."-Brenda Dayne, host, Cast On: a podcast for knitters

"This book is wonderfully presented, beautifully photographed, and well written. This book will certainly become a core to a knitter's design library."-Knit 'N Style

"5 out of 5 possible stars. This is a fantastic book."-Knitting News

"These sweater patterns–and they are primarily all sweaters, blouses, halter tops, or something like that–are just beautiful to look at, lush and finely detailed. The details are exquisite."

"There is so much and such deep information in this book you really need to read it to get the full impact. Of course you could just lose yourself in patterns. They are challenging and intriguing. I found myself reading patterns just to figure out how she did that."

"The mini-workshops along with thoughtful pattern design just beg knitting groups to dive in with their own interpretations."

"Stunning from start to finish. This is one book for which the "Inspired" in the title is no overstatement. Orne's a true master of details.... Intricate, uncommon, beautiful."-Yarn Market News

"Exquisite"-YarnMarketNews Blog

Table of Contents
  • Indian Summer Cardigan- Drawn to the textures and colors of the autumn fields, Michele was inspired by looking closely at the texture of grasses and wheat gone to seed.
  • Amber Beaded Cardigan- A sprinkling of gold matte beads mimics the texture of field seeds in this cardigan.
  • Design Workshop #1- Finding Inspiration. Every design begins with a spark of inspiration. You, too, can find inspiration in your everyday surroundings.
  • Walk in the Woods Jacket- After an excursion, Michele laid a collection of colorful leaves, flowers, and grasses on her scanner and scanned them against different colored papers and fabrics. The leaves on a burgundy background turned out to be the perfect combination!
  • Coral Roses Jacket- This intarsia jacket was inspired by buckets of luscious rose bouquets at a local market.
  • Fair Isle Capelet and Gauntlets- This design captures the classic styling of the traditional Shetland Fair Isle yoke sweater in the heathered, natural shades of the late autumn landscape.
  • Shimmer Lace Shrug- The shimmer and sparkle of this versatile garment was achieved by using a thin Lurex yarn that reflects the light along with a fine mohair that softens the shimmer.
  • Snowdrift Cardigan- Inspired by heavy snow drifts, this pattern is surprisingly easy to knit and the effect is soft and wavy with a nice drape - just like the snow!
  • Winter Wonderland Coat- The cable pattern on this sweater coat is reminiscent of deciduous hardwoods with intertwining branches.
  • Design Workshop #2- Building a Color Palette. Color is everywhere, but it takes a bit of effort to see the individual colors that make up a landscape, painting, or textile. If you enjoy working with color, you'll want to learn how to build a successful color palette.
  • Evergreen Sleeve Tunic- This oversize tunic is all about fast and easy knitting and easy wearing.
  • Whisper Cuff Cardigan- This feminine garment has an elegant shape and delicate look.
  • Frost Flower Cuff Pullover- The embroidered flowers on the cuffs of this sweater are reminiscent of frost patterns on windowpanes.
  • Lily of the Valley Shrug- The perfect pattern for spring, this sweater was inspired by tiny flowers hanging from curved stems.
  • Seed-Stitch Poet Jacket- This romantic knitted cardigan features a contrasting lace "scarf."
  • Victorian Lace Blouse- The concept for this feminine top came from two quite different sources- the Victorian-inspired lace blouse and the tea-stained lace curtains hanging in Michele's window.
  • Design Workshop #3- Swatching and Sketching- Now it's time to translate your mood board and color palette into knitting. This part is fun - bringing your idea to life.
  • Vintage Lingerie Top- This top is Michele's contribution to the current fashion trend of covering modern-day bras with heirloom lingerie.
  • Tiny Twists Camisole- The beauty of this minimal camisole lies in its pattern of tiny twisted cables, which resembles woven netting.
  • Workshop #4- Styling and Fitting- The final step in designing a knitted piece is to make a working pattern from your swatches and sketches.
  • Ribbed Halter- This top - inspired by a bit of fisherman's rope - is bright, summery, and easy to knit
  • Papillon Cardigan- Michele copied the color of a vibrantly colored butterfly wing into this beautiful cardigan.
  • Wedding Ensemble- This modern-day wedding gown has a timeless quality and can also be worn for other occasions.
About the Author

Michele Rose Orne has been designing for more than 20 years in the garment and handknitting industry. She has designed for Westminster Fibers, Classic Elite, Tahki, and was a design director for a large sweater importer. She has designed for many publications including Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, and Handknit Holidays. She lives in Camden, Maine.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Michele Rose Orne

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596680418

Number Of Pages: 152

Customer Reviews

Inspired to Knit by Michele Rose Orne Review by Kathryn Beach

If I could do one thing over it would be to learn, as a child, to see as Michele Rose Orne sees. That's when I learned to follow a pattern and to knit. When you read about this author of Inspired to Knit, you

(Posted on 6/7/12)

Inspired to Knit Review by Tracey Hollingworth

19 lovely knitted patterns with designer's original sketches and notes on the pattern. Discusses the designer's inspiration for the pieces and provides workshops on finding inspriration, colour, swatching and fitting. This is an inspiring book and made me think I might just be able to make some choices with regard to colour, yarn and fit on my own!!!

(Posted on 10/6/11)

Love it but had to customise it Review by Veronique Cartier

I just finished knitting the Snowdrift Cardigan (the one on the front page of the book), inpired by the beautiful cable pattern. But in the end made a few changes to the finishing touches: changed the zip (sporty look) for a more feminine look with buttons, made it longer by adding a flared edging at the bottom to make it longer and used a very different yarn. So the end result is quite different but still lovely and the cable does all the ''work'' of charming the ''audience''. I love your work Michele Rose. Thanks. :-)

(Posted on 10/18/10)