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Intentional Spinner A Holistic Approach to Making Yarn

Explore the infinite possibilities of making your own yarns.

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Attention spinners! If you are interested in exploring the infinite possibilities of making your own yarns, veteran spinner and teacher Judith MacKenzie McCuin offers insight, understanding, and invaluable information about your craft in The Intentional Spinner.

The Intentional Spinner is a compendium of spinning wisdom, with a fun blend of technical knowledge, history, tips, and gently opinionated narrative. Yarn making is approached in three fundamental areas.

  • Understanding Fibers: Compare the rich historic traditions of plant and animal fibers with the fascinating scientific advances in synthesizing fibers.
  • Managing Yarn Structure: step-by-step instructions and photographs demonstrate the range of possibilities in yarn, from sturdy plied yarns to playful novelty yarns.
  • Practical Uses: learn how to make yarns that precisely match your needs with decision making and planning to create the exact project you want from the beginning.

The Intentional Spinner also includes four projects that demonstrate how handspun can be used in weaving and knitting. The projects explain how to choose material, techniques, and finish the processes.

Blending technical expertise and fascinating lore, The Intentional Spinner is a must-read for every spinner.

About the Author

Judith McKenzie McCuin has been a textile artist for more than twenty years. She has taught throughout the United States and Canada, and her work appears in both public and private collections. She has been a contributor to Spin-Off, Interweave Knits, PieceWork, and Handwoven magazines, and she has led textile tours to Turkey and Spain. She lives in Montana with her husband Nick, where they run a small yarn and dye company and raise bison.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Judith MacKenzie

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596680807

Number Of Pages: 152

Customer Reviews

The Intentional Spinner Review by Pud Patterson

<p>Thanks to this book, I see that I can finally begin to predict my results at the wheel; I am excited and encouraged to learn that I, too, can spin intentionally! What a great and appropriate title that grabbed my attention from the get-go. I have been looking for just such a teaching text.</p> <p>I am a self-taught spinner working with raw, unprocessed fibers of a wide variety and using four different types of wheels. I have spun off and on (mostly off because of personal demands)for the last 13+ years. By trial and error,by reading and researching books and the internet and Spin-Off Magazine, I have learned much, but Judith MacKenzie McCuin''s new volume on the holistic approach is invaluable to any spinner. I appreciated her introduction to fibers, all the background so logically laid out as basic material that is great reading but will be handy reference information. Her clear, concise explanations of 'worsted' and 'woolen' spinning, her descriptions of the processes and the reasons for spinning and plying choices have exploded my understanding of the craft and its possibilities.</p> <p>I will have to say that I think my appreciation of her content has been greatly enhanced by my many hours already at the wheel(s), at working with raw fleece, handling different kinds of fibers, and by my own attempts at fiber prep, spinning, and plying. I am only half-way through this book, but I am really with her! She is talking my language! Describing in words (a job that''s not easy to do)the actions of spinning, plying, etc., is a challenge more than adequately handled by Judith.</p> <p>This is an important, modestly-priced book for the hand-spinniners library, especially for those of us who don''t have a budget for attending fairs, classes, etc. Thanks, Judith, for this wonderful book! I''m savoring every section like as if it were a delicious wine and will go back to it the rest of my spinning years.</p>

(Posted on 3/3/10)