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It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons

It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons is an affectionate, humorous celebration of every aspect of the craft.

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It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoonsis an affectionate, humorous celebration of every aspect of the craft from buying (and hiding) massive quantities of yarn to wrestling with projects that go seriously awry to prescriptions for alleviating the stress brought on by holiday knitting to wreaking revenge on recipients of handknits who stuff them into the back of the bottom drawer.

It Itches is the first of its kind to mix cartoon humor with short essays on knitting.

Franklin Habitis known for his witty writing and his New Yorker-style cartoons about knitting and life. The book includes seventy-five cartoons, deftly rendered in pen and ink with watercolor wash, in addition to humorous short essays on various themes of the knitting life.

His cartoons address:

  • The undeniable urge to purchase yarn
  • The (mostly) friendly rivalry between knitters
  • The expression of love through yarn and needles.
  • And more!

The book includes seventy-five cartoons, deftly rendered in pen and ink with watercolor wash, in addition to humorous short essays on various themes of the knitting life.

You'll find yourself in this fun collection of essays and cartoons. It Itches is also a great gift idea for knitters who speak the same knitting language.

Reviews: "This book is funny, of course, but it also has some important things to say about why we knit and who we are as a community of knitters. If you're a knitter, you should read it." Guide to Knitting

"You might not have thought there was such a thing as knitting cartoons or, if there were, that there couldn't possibly be enough of them for a book, but knitter and blogger Franklin Habit provides a fun little book full of knitting-themed cartoons, as well as a few essays on this knitting life." Guide to Knitting

"Habit has a wry wit that fits his sophisticated style and a creative eye that lets him illustrate the stories with talented flair."-Anchorage Daily News

"It Itches will leave knitters, readers in stitches. . . . Habit's writing contains enough laughs to make stitches fall right off the needles."-Bangor Daily News

"Combines New Yorker-esque cartoons with essays that celebrate our knitterly foibles through his own distinct yet equally witty and cutting gaze."-Clara Parker, Knitter's Review

"The perfect blend of artistic wit to make knitters around the globe chuckle. Keep a copy in the knitting bag... to come to the aid of a knitter friend in desperate need of comic relief."

"Franklin is a dang keen observer of the world of fiber arts. I loved these cartoons - I’m not even a knitter, and I was giggling." Blog

"A fast and hilarious read, it masterfully blends Habit's illustration skills and knitting knowledge to inspire serious laughter."-Grand Rapids Free Press

"This is a little gem of a book. 75 cartoons, 10 essays, all funny. Funny! Adorable! Cute! Love it!"

Page after page begs to be framed and displayed. It's a tiny, lovely book."

"Hands down, my top pick for a knitting-book gift is It Itches. There is absolutely nothing about this book not to like.  It is full of funny (and sometimes thought-provoking) cartoons in the style of the New Yorker. It is fresh and entertaining and appropriate for all ages. And perhaps most shocking of all, it is very inexpensive--around ten or twelve dollars."-knotions online magazine

"This book is a delightful and refreshing little gumdrop.  Franklin's humor is smart and fresh and genuine."-Norma Miller,

"A knit wit if ever there was one, the multitalented Habit has found a nice platform for his stitchy sensibility. . . . he lovingly tweaks the knitter's psyche."-Yarn Market News

Table of Contents
Monsters in the Closet
Man vs. Skein
The Underpants Knitters of Great Fussing-on-the-Wold8
Advice from a Poncho
The Knit Stitch: Theme and Variations
Knittin' with a Whip
It's a Guy Thing

About the Author
Writer, illustrator, and photographer Franklin Habit’s first piece of knitting—a vaguely rectangular six-foot scarf—was produced during his student days at Harvard University in the 1990s. Until the widespread revival of the craft, he stitched in solitude, turning out a small but steady stream of mittens, scarves, and hats for startaled friends and relations. In February2005, inspired by the emergence of the online knitting community, he created The Panopticon ( What began as a project diary is now one of the most popular knitting blogs, with mentions in publications as diverse as Knit 1 and The Advocate. Franklin’s publishing experience includes writing lifestyles features for the Boston Phoenix, reading his own essay for the knitting podcast Cast On, and writing for Interweave Knits, PieceWork, Yarn Market News, and Franklin knits and spins in Chicago, Illinois.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Franklin Habit

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596680937

Number Of Pages: 112