Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist January/February 2011: Digital Edition

Custom cabochon for jewelry makers; fantasy faceting machine; designer gems; accent sapphires; flux for soldering jewelry; custom stone setting; jewelry projects; facet design; online selling tips
Digital Magazine Single Issue

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Discover the world of designer gems, fabulous one-of-a-kind cuts and unusual materials that can make your custom jewelry stand out: find gem designers, learn what to look for when you buy, and what setting skills you’ll need to set these outstanding stones. Learn basic gem carving and stone polishing using the jeweler’s mainstay equipment, the flex shaft, and see what new products are on the market for stone cutting.  Build your own flex shaft fixture to give you a simple and inexpensive fixed carving arbor, then learn how to customize a standard cabochon by carving your own designs into it, and wind it all up by learning how to make a pendant that shows off a carved gem you could make. Make an edgy two-finger ring and see what several jewelry designers are doing with multi-finger rings, and why small, light-colored sapphires can give your designs a lot of bang for the buck. See the winners of the 2011 Gemmy Awards. Discover the highlights of using GemCad for facet designs, and find cutting sequences for a modified Standard Round Brilliant.  Plus, learn what Google Analytics can do for your online gem or jewelry sales – and in part 2 of our 10-part special series on how to solder jewelry, learn all about flux.

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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue