Jewelry Bench on the Fly

Fashion a portable jeweler’s bench you can take with you when you travel, or use as a cost effective solution in this video short featuring goldsmith Michael David Sturlin.
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Find it difficult to travel and make jewelry at the same time? Goldsmith Michael David Sturlin makes it easy! Join Michael for Jewelry Bench on the Fly, a video download short that details how you can transform an old piece of wood into a functional tabletop jeweler’s workbench that is portable, or perfect for anyone looking for a cost effective option.

With openings for a bench pin, a variety of mandrels, sunken areas for forming, tapered areas for making tubes and spiculums, and more, see just how effective this portable “bench” can be!

Download this video short today and you will discover:

  • A new approach to effectively taking a jewelry bench with you wherever you go.
  • How to combine all the convenient aspects of your jeweler’s bench in one block of wood that can be used at a kitchen table, counter, or any flat surface.
  • A cost affordable solution to a jeweler’s bench.
  • And much more!

About the Artist:

Michael David Sturlin's 40-year career as a studio jewelry artist began in 1970. He is an educator, industry consultant, and award-winning goldsmith, with recognition from the World Gold Council, the American Jewelry Design Council, and the Jewelers of America. Get other important jewelry-making information from Michael in his video workshops: Metalsmith Essentials: Create the Perfect Workspace: Best Ways to Organize Your Bench and Metalsmith Essentials: Master the Jeweler’s Saw.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Michael David Sturlin

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Customer Reviews

educational video????? Review by Shawn

Im sorry I don't like to give negative feedback to other artists, But this is not something that you should be charged money for. Its a nervous looking artist saying he wanted something for when he travels so he made this block of wood. He does not explain how it was made, it's size, the types of wood that work best, how he cut the slots or anything else. He shows you how to use a c-clamp to mount it and that he can stick a mandrel and a small stake in it and that he can hit it a few times with a hammer. and says to drill whatever holes in it you might want, The video added nothing to the picture of the JBOTF picture on the front as to how to make what look to be a interesting tool.
this was a good video if it was on YouTube but to pay even $3 to see his block of wood sorry Ive download at least a dozen much more functional and beautifully made units like this from Pinterest and have mine almost completed this commercially sold vide added nothing to that process.

(Posted on 5/2/14)

Great Info! Review by Jeff M

This is exactly what I was looking for! Something to allow me to work at different locations and do everything or nearly everything I need to do to create the jewelry I want to make! I'll add a portable workstation of which this will become a major part of! Thanks Michael, for the great ideas!

(Posted on 4/28/14)

So Much Great Info Review by Nancy

This short video is packed with good ideas and information. I need one of these portable benches.

(Posted on 4/26/14)

Disappointing Review by Joanne

When I ordered this I expected more detailed instructions on how to make it. I could have made it by just looking at the picture. I felt this product was a definite scam.

(Posted on 4/26/14)

great ideas! Review by Mary

Honesty first - I haven't watched this video. But I've taken several classes with Michael, and he's an excellent instructor. I'd expect his video to be clear and thorough.

I was in one of Michael's first classes after he started traveling with this "Jewelry Bench on the Fly." It was incredibly useful for him; he could easily do everything he needed to do with lots of different tools. I was fascinated with it. I measured it from all sides, took lots of notes, made drawings, and talked my hubby into constructing a similar unit for me as soon as I returned home.

My unit has traveled with me to several classes. It has a permanent space on my tiny workbench because I have no other way of attaching a bench pin or supporting a ring mandrel.

Michael's ideas are fabulous, and my unit has made my jewelry workbench setup much more useful.

(Posted on 4/15/14)