Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping eBook

In this new and extra handy eBook, Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey take the mystery out of wire wrapping and share their insider secrets for making gorgeous jewelry from bundles of joined wire, no soldering required!

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Wire is a favorite design material for jewelry artists, allowing for the creation of simple loops and embellishments to more involved, intricate pieces. In the easy-to-download Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping eBook, Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey-the best-selling authors of Woven Wire Jewelry and Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and more-take the mystery out of wire wrapping and share their insider secrets for making gorgeous jewelry from bundles of joined wire, no soldering required! This technique allows the jewelry maker to create timeless, elegant pieces that are beautifully simple to elaborately complex.

Starting with a discussion of safety, tools and materials-including the types of metals appropriate for wire wrapping-and helpful tips, tricks, and techniques necessary before beginning a first project, the authors cover all of the basics of this deceptively simple technique. Using detailed process photography, Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping shows all the basics of wire wrapping step by step then takes the reader through progressive skill building projects to teach a range of wrapping techniques. Projects include bracelets, earrings, pins, and wire wrapped pendants and also include instructions for the highly sought-after wire-wrapped cabochon. Before you know it you'll be creating an elegant bow tie bracelet, a celtic link bracelet with matching earrings, a wire wrapped ring, a beautiful bracelet with coils, and more! Explore all these jewelry making possibilities with the handy Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping eBook.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome to the Jewelry Studio

Tools and Materials
  • The Essential Tools
  • Cool Tools (not essential, but nice to have)
  • The Essential Materials
Wire Fundamentals
  • Safety First
  • Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Tools
  • Straightening Wire
  • Practice: Jump Rings, Catch and Clasp
Basic Projects
  • Basic Bracelet- This bracelet is the foundation for all the wire wrapping you will ever do.
  • Dress-Up Bracelet- A very simple technique gives the Basic Bracelet a complete makeover.
  • Walk-Along Bracelet- The simple addition of stepped wires, which we call "walk-along wraps," converts the Basic Bracelet into a sophisticated-looking piece of jewelry. - Variation
  • Bow Tie Bracelet- This delicate-looking, yet explosively pretty bracelet is embellished with silver beads. - Variation
  • Celtic Knot Bracelet- How did you ever tie that beautiful silver into such a complex knot? - Variation
Taking Projects to the Next Level
  • Reef Knot Bracelet- Simpler to make than it looks, this bracelet is also called a Celtic or lover's knot. - Variation
  • Wire-Wrapped Ring- Here's a pretty little ring that you'll enjoy making and then wearing or giving to someone special.
  • Gem Stone Bracelet- Making this pretty bracelet will give you the skills to create your own unique designs. - Variation
  • Stone Pendant- When you find a beautiful stone, you'll have the skills to make a gorgeous pendant! - Variation
  • Patterned Wire Bracelet, Earrings, and Pendant: Never has anything looked so elegant and been so easy to make! - Variations
About the Author

Linda Chandler is a jewelry designer and teacher with more than twenty years' experience. She is also a Precious Metal Clay certified teacher. Linda lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Christine Ritchey is an independent writer/editor, potter, and jewelry maker. She lives in north Texas.

They are the authors of Woven Wire Jewelry and Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry (both from Interweave).

"An excellent book." Guide to Jewelry Making

"Clear, detailed photos accompanying the instructions make them easy to follow… A fun and useful book for beginners." -Booklist

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Christine Ritchey

Format: eBook

ISBN 13: 9781596688049

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Customer Reviews

nice projects, well worth the price Review by Cheryl

I am a book person but I bought this book as a download which has taken a bit of time for me to print out. It is unusual to get a book that you want to create most of the projects but this one is a gem, I can't wait for my wire order to arrive so I can get started on these projects. The instructions seem very clear with pictures to show you each step. The difficulty level is beginner to intermediate, but the end result looks expensive and professional. As a beginner it will probably take a while before I achieve this standard but I am going to give it a go.

(Posted on 7/8/14)