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  1. Le Beau Jardin

    Le Beau Jardin

    A glass beetle, handmade by Margaret Zinser, inspired this botanic beauty. Learn More

    Item Number: EP2356

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  2. Venetian Vines

    Venetian Vines

    Two styles of gorgeous handmade Venetian beads are perfectly matched with Czech pressed-glass teardrops and leaves in this asymmetrical necklace. Learn More

    Item Number: EP2367

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  3. Swivel Locket

    Swivel Locket

    This precious locket swivels sideways . . . how cool is that? Keep a picture of a precious memory or an adored loved one inside this creative twist on the traditional locket! Learn More

    Item Number: EP3254

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  4. Catseye Obsidian Cabochon

    Catseye Obsidian Cabochon

    This cabochon really is the cat’s meow . . . actually it’s the cat’s eye. The resemblance of this gem to a mysterious cat’s eye is unbelievable, but you should believe us when we say this project is so fascinating you’ll want to start it ASAP! Learn More

    Item Number: EP3255

    Availability: Download Now


  5. Wavy Silver and Obsidian Pendant

    Wavy Silver and Obsidian Pendant

    Morph your spare metal into an irreplaceable pendant . . . so don’t throw those scraps away, there are endless possibilities of what you can create with them. Learn More

    Item Number: EP3256

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  6. Waves of Delight

    Waves of Delight

    Accent wire and chain with sea-colored beads for a great gift to make on-the-go. Learn More

    Item Number: EP3960

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  7. Flower Harvest

    Flower Harvest

    Create this flirty, fun flowery necklace pendant in just a few easy steps! Learn More

    Item Number: EP3979

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  8. Autumn Bliss

    Autumn Bliss

    Crimp, enamel, knot, string, and wire-wrap this blissful necklace! Learn More

    Item Number: EP3980

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  9. Mixed Blessings

    Mixed Blessings

    Create your own pendant and then make a fun chain to complement it for a fantastic necklace! Learn More

    Item Number: EP3981

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  10. Metalsmith Essentials Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming DVD

    Metalsmith Essentials Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming DVD

    Join master metalsmith and toolmaker Bill Fretz in 8 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to get started forming your own metal jewelry. Learn More

    Item Number: 11BD26

    Availability: In stock


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