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Join as you Go Knitting

Let master knitter Lily Chin teach you every trick to join knitted fabric seamlessly and eliminate sewing!

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Join as You Go Knitting
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Join master knitter Lily Chin as she teaches you how to eliminate sewing by joining your knits seamlessly!


With this video workshop, you'll learn every trick to join knitted fabric!

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Join As You Go Knitting: No-Sew Techniques for Garments, Trims, Colorwork & More with Lily Chin

In 2+ hours of instruction, Lily Chin gives you the tools to create more polished, more enjoyable knitting with her innovative technique. She demonstrates how to join pieces in a variety of gauges, stitch patterns, and textures.
In this workshop, you'll learn:
  • How to add new knitting to any side of a completed piece, invisibly!
  • How and why to use different methods to join fabric.
  • How to create graphic, easy colorwork without bobbins or intarsia.
  • How to build garments piece by piece, seamlessly!
  • How to knit strip afghans without sewing them together.

With this video, you can put away your sewing needle, pick up your knitting needles, and get back to what you enjoy most: knitting.

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Join as You Go Knitting

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Available on 2-disc DVD set or as a video download

Order or download Join As You Go Knitting with Lily Chin today!
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