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Kate Atherley Webinar + Video Bundle

Download Kate Atherley's expert knitting advice with this bundle of her knitting alteration webinars and fixing knitting mistakes workshop video download.

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Kate Atherley, knitwear designer and author, lends her expert advice on knitting alterations and fixing common (and not so common) knitting mistakes. Download her webinars and Fixing Knitting Mistakes video in this exclusive bundle, and become a better knitter in no time!
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This exclusive bundle deal includes:

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Fixing Knitting Mistakes: 50+ Tips for Perfect Knits with Kate Atherley


Kate Atherley has made every knitting mistake you can imagine. Over decades of knitting, she taught herself to catch her mistakes in time and fix them easily. Now you can take her popular class on fixing mistakes anywhere and correct your knitting errors when they happen.
This Interweave Knits video download includes: 

  • Tricks for repairing 7 basic knit stitch mistakes
  • How to techniques for undoing your work safely
  • Step-by-step instructions for fixing incorrect increases and decreases
  • And even corrections for errors in knitted cables and lace.

Plus! You’ll also learn how to avoid many common knitting errors—and when you can leave a mistake in your knitting with no one noticing.

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knitting with custom fit webinar  

Knitting Designs with Custom Fit: The Basics of Sizing Knitting Patterns for Garments

WEBINAR with Kate Atherley



Every knitter has done it: knitted the wrong size garment. It’s a costly and time-consuming mistake—not to mention frustrating! Kate Atherley's Knitting Designs with Custom Fit webinar tackles the topic of garment sizing and fit, educating you on how to read and understand the sizing information presented in knitting patterns. You'll learn:

  • How to choose what size garment to knit using sizing information and other pattern clues to make sure the complete garment fits as intended.
  • Key concepts of ease, fit, and styling to explore what type of garment and size would fit best for your personal style.
  • How to measure yourself properly.
  • Tips for easy garment alterations to make a garment flattering.
  • And more!

Plus, Kate will address some of the biggest misconceptions and misunderstandings that lead to ill-fitting garments. How a garment fits is determined easily once you have the tools you need, and with Kate's help you'll master the style, silhouette, and ease equation for flattering knitwear that fits perfectly.

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knitting alterations webinar  

Knitting Alterations: Easy Techniques for Knitters of All Skill Levels

WEBINAR with Kate Atherley



In this follow-up webinar, Kate will dive deeper into construction techniques with simple alterations that you can make to ensure the resulting garment is a perfect fit. You'll learn:

  • How to adjust sleeve length and fit.
  • How to change the body length of any sweater.
  • How to make your garment the most flattering with waist shaping techniques.
  • And more!

Plus, Kate will show step-by-step examples of how easy these knitwear modifications can be, and how powerful they are for knitters.

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Download these three resources from Kate Atherley today and be on your way to better knitwear, instantly!


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