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Kathryn Alexander Bundle

Join internationally known textile artist, Kathryn Alexander, as she teaches you a unique way of adding extra twist into your spinning as well as entrelac knitting techniques in this video workshop bundle!

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Kathryn Alexander Bundle
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Take your spinning to a new level with Kathryn Alexander's unique approach to spinning and working with yarn!


In the Kathryn Alexander Bundle, you get the Spinning Energized Yarns video workshop and the Entrelac Knitting video workshop together!

With this bundle, you will
learn a unique way of adding extra twist into your spinning in order to create high-energy yarn. This technique will yield unique fabric surfaces in weaving, knitting, and crochet. You will also learn entrelac knitting techniques for textural, colorful designs for your handspun yarn.

You'll love this bundle if you:

  • Desire examples of what the energy does to create beautiful surface texture in knitted fabrics.
  • Want to learn how to spin both Z-twist and S-twist singles.
  • Wish to add more excitement to your fabric surface by combining entrelac knitting with energized yarns.
  • Are looking for help to choose appropriate drafting techniques.
  • Need guidance on how to make right-leaning and left-leaning rectangles, triangles, peaks, boxes, and even knitted swirls.
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Together for the first time ever, you get two amazing spinning workshop videos hosted by internationally known textile artist, Kathryn Alexander. Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

Download the Kathryn Alexander Bundle today!
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Kathryn Alexander Bundle


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