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Knit Free-Sole Socks: Handknit Socks to Last a Lifetime with Anna Zilboorg Video Download

Join Anna Zilboorg on this knitting workshop to learn an ingenios sock-knitting technique that allows handknit socks to be reknitted as often as needed.
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With this knitting workshop, learn an ingenious sock-knitting technique that allows worn soles to be reknitted as often as needed.

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Tired of holes in the heels of her handknitted socks, teacher and designer Anna Zilboorg created a new method that preserves the comfortable flap-and-gusset heel and allows gorgeous patterns to be knitted from the toe up.


In Knit Free-Sole Socks, Anna teaches skills any sock knitter will love, including:  

  • An easy method for knitting a heel flap from the toe up
  • Ways to add a colorful patterns or previous yarn to the heel, instep, and cuff
  • Knitting techniques to join the sole and instep perfectly
  • How to knit a toe that creates a pattern all the way around the foot
  • The most amazing trick of all: how to reknit a sole easily and invisibly to make your socks last a lifetime.
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knit free sole socks DVD

Plus! Practice these techniques with the bonus pattern for Half-Stranded Socks, a colorful design that you’ll want to wear for years.


Join Anna Zilboorg on the path to learn skills for museum-quality socks that will last a lifetime.


Knit Free-Sole Socks: Handknit Socks to Last a Lifetime with Anne Zilboorg is available on DVD or as a video download.


Purchase your knitting workshop today for Anna's sock knitting techniques.

About the Author
Anna Zilboorg is a renowned knitter and designer. She was educated at Harvard, taught at MIT and then fled academia and set out on a pilgrimage that finally left her a hermit on a mountain, in love with wool. She is a teacher of note and experience, and the author of Magnificent Mittens, Knitting for Anarchists, 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit, Socks for Sandals and Clogs and Fancy Feet: Traditional Knitting Patterns of Turkey.

SKU: EP6417

Author/Speaker/Editor: Anna Zilboorg

Format: Standard Definition Video

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Customer Reviews

Great concept Review by Deanne

Love the idea of how the socks are constructed, a little confusing reading the directions, video was a excellent resource, just wish there was a way to keep the video on my tablet instead of having to log into my account each day to view it.
Making a pair with no design first to get the idea, then I will tackle the design.

(Posted on 8/9/14)

Confusing Review by Dagmar

Some more stars woul I give as an appreciation for this good construction idea of a sock. And at least I like the Lady!
The construction principle is not difficult to understand, as an advanced knitter you might do it just by picking the idea and adapting it to your own pattern.
BUT - there are too many negative aspects, at least for me:
The demonstration should have been made on the accompanying pattern to show the upcoming problems especially with the two-strand-trapping at the sides.
I did not understand how I should know when to start the increasing for the gusset adapted to my ankle-circumference, I did not find out, how to fit the footlength.
I would have liked to see, how she would repair a heel-section.
Furthermore I did not quite understand her calculation of stitchcounts.

(Posted on 12/12/13)

Nice product...made so much more difficult then necessary. Review by Kim

The video and pattern are not always the same, but as an experienced knitter I could adapt.
The problem I had was that when I went to the video for clarification on how to properly do something, the instructor tossed in at least a dozen different 'shortcuts' that had nothing to do with the pattern at hand...zipping back and forth between Continental and English, knitting backwards, etc. I'm impressed enough with the fact she came up with the pattern. I do not need to be dazzled with her prowess. If I wanted a class on shortcuts that might come in handy later, I'd buy that class.
Thus, the video confused more than clarified.
I'm now on my 3rd pair. Nice sock, now that I'm not baffled by the stuff that has nothing to do with the actual pattern.

(Posted on 10/13/13)

Good thing the pattern comes with a video. Review by Bluetoespinner

The pattern is very difficult to understand. It could have been written out more simply. It is way too descriptive than necessary.

I had to refer to the video several time to understand what the pattern meant. As far as the video goes, it would have been nice to see her knit with two colors like the written pattern describes.

Once you get through the first sock, second sock is a breeze because it finally makes sense, but the first sock created a headache.

(Posted on 7/15/13)