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Knit To Be Square Domino Designs to Knit and Felt

Vivian Høxbro shows you how to combine modular squares into blocks of varying sizes that become the base for a variety of eye-catching two- and three-dimensional projects.

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Join the domino craze with Knit to Be Square! Vivian Høxbro shows you how to combine modular squares into blocks of varying sizes that become the base for a variety of eye-catching two- and three-dimensional projects. Combine these geometric patterns with felting and you get gorgeous results!

Knit to Be Square includes:
  • Easy-to-Knit patterns for hats, bags, scarves, pillows, slippers, capelets, afghans, and more.
  • Quick-to-knit patterns made of small squares that take relatively few stitches to finish.
  • Ideal patterns for using up your stash.
  • Easy washing machine felting tips for wool.
  • Plus! An impressively sized afghan shows you how mitered squares can be used to get a patchwork effect similar to traditional quilts
  • And more!

But be prepared - this is an addictive form of knitting! One square leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to another...

Reviews: "One of the appealing things... is the eye-catching color with which Hoxbro designs the projects in the book."-Bangor Daily News

"Wow. These are not run-of-the-mill combinations. This is … fun! Playful, creative, and thinking outside the box … if such a thing is possible in a book of patterns made up of lots and lots of little squares."

"Mitered squares can look big and clumsy, but not in the hands of Vivian Hoxbro... She makes the mitered square modern and sometimes even elegant."

"Høxbro shows the depths to which modular knitting can be mined for home and wardrobe. The result: checkerboard chic and geometric perfection."-Yarn Market News

Table of Contents
CHAPTER ONE- Knit Squares and Blocks
  • Candy Stole- This brightly colored shawl in a rainbow of candy colors is based on squares built one upon another in a series of diagonal panels
  • Pyramid Pillow- This unusual pillow is constructed from two sixty-four-square blocks, worked in a checkerboard fashion.
CHAPTER TWO- Join Two Blocks into a Pouch
  • Two-Block Hat- This well-fitted hat shows how easy it is to join blocks together to make a three-dimensional shape. This two-block hat is finished in a garter stitch edging with straps that tie under the chin.
  • Heart Purse- This purse was inspired by the braided paper hearts made Famous by Hans Christian Andersen. A bright and cheerful bag, this bag is knitted felt and appropriate all year round.
  • Backpack- This clever backpack is formed from two blocks that are joined along two sides to make a "pocket" at the base of the bag.
  • Slippers- These comfy slippers, in four different variations, are adapted from traditional Faroese-Icelandic shoes. Felt the slippers in the washing machine to shrink them to size and brush on a layer of latex on the soles to give them a non-slip surface.
CHAPTER THREE- Join Three Blocks into a Pouch
  • Three-Block Cap- This jester-style cap is made of three blocks (each with three squares) that are joined together into a point to form the crown.
  • Dotted Tea Cozy- This striking tea cozy can be flipped upside down, replace the top loop with a tassel, and you've got a little purse instead.
  • Cape with Fringe- This airy cape is based on three-block construction with innovative shoulder shaping.
CHAPTER FOUR- Join Four Blocks into a Square
  • Four-Block Hat- The top of this tam-like cap is four four-square blocks that are joined together to form a large square shape for the crown.
  • Afghan- This colorful afghan, contributed by Norwegian designer Margit Henriksen, shows how easy it is to join four blocks into a large rectangle.
  • Bucket Bag- This roomy bag is constructed like the Four-Block Cap, but in this case the initial four blocks form the bag base and the additional squares are worked around the four-block in a cup shape.
  • Rosebud Duffel- A lengthen bucket bag with pointed sides, this bag's base is worked in a solid color, and the edging and the strap are knit separately before it's all felted to produce a rosebud motif.
CHAPTER FIVE- Knit Incomplete Squares and Blocks
  • Pillows with Tabs- This pillow cover is a modified sixty-six-square block of incomplete squares that alternate between black and charcoal checkerboard fashion and accented with two brightly colored "squares."
  • Abstract Stole- This stunning stole shows what fun you can have knitting panels of incomplete squares. This nine-panel example of twenty-nine incomplete squares has a zigzag pattern of five colors of wool.
  • Bobble Scarf- This unusual bobble scarf is constructed much the same as the Candy Stole but with incomplete squares that are worked in panels that grow along the diagonal.
About the Author

Vivian Hoxbro has been professionally designing knitwear for twenty years. She designs for various Scandinavian yarn companies and magazines and spends her days giving workshops on knitting techniques. She is the author of Domino Knitting and Shadow Knitting (both from Interweave).

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Vivian Hoxbro

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596680890

Number Of Pages: 144