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knit.wear, Premiere 2011: Digital Edition

Check out our brand-new knitting issue: knit.wear, simple handknits for the thoughtful knitter. We're focusing on conceptual, wearable knits with a clean, modern aesthetic—built in unusual ways and with interesting techniques. Interesting to knit, easy to wear.
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Check out the premiere of the newest special issue from the editors of Interweave Knits magazine: 


simple handknits for the thoughtful knitter


find all these projects and more in knit.wear:

Knit.wear Knit.wear Knit.wear
Knit.wear Knit.wear Knit.wear
Knit.wear Knit.wear Knit.wear
Knit.wear Knit.wear Knit.wear
knit.wear knit.wear knit.wear
knit.wear knit.wear knit.wear
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knit.wear Premiere 2011


This brand new special issue focuses on conceptual, wearable knits with a clean, modern aesthetic—built in unusual ways and with interesting techniques.


Interesting to knit, easy to wear.


knit.wear is packed full of knits that combine modern style with interesting knitting. Inside knit.wear, you'll find:

  • The Perfect Sweater: desinger Pam Allen explores one simple shape four different ways for totally unique sweaters and cardigans.
  • On The Edge: learn to knit clean designs that showcase just one or two fine details.
  • The Elements of Knitting: explore elemental designs that use only knits and purls with striking results.
  • Ruffle, Drape, and Pleat: learn to fold and manipulate knitted fabric in new ways.
  • Assembly Required: knit garments that focus on unique constructions and structured stitches with a sculptural quality.

Download your copy of knit.wear today!

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Preview On The Edge from knit.wear Premiere 2011:


on the edge

just enough knit to show a detail...or two.


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These simple, small garments focus on showcasing great knitted details.

on the edge

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shaped capelet with braided cables
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Plush braided cables separated by reverse stockinette columns run across the body in a sideways-knit capelet. Cleverly hidden shaping creates gentle drape and unfussy, elegant fit.


cable trimmed jacket with hood
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A boxy, long-line silhouette shows off rich kettle-dyed colors and reversible-cable selvedges. A deep hood grows seamlessly out of the shoulders without an interruption to the cable pattern.

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Download your copy of knit.wear today!

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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue

Customer Reviews

Love this magazine. Review by Sharon

This knitting magazine has it all: informative writing, lovely photos, and unique knitting patterns that are approachable to the novice knitter. This inspiring publication is one of my favorites.

(Posted on 3/6/14)

Impressive publication! Review by JEM

I really like the premier issue of this magazine – it's interesting, instructive, inspiring and – most importantly for me – has a large proportion of patterns that I would make/modify.

The closures, ribbing and grafting (great!) articles are well presented and have a nice combination of text and pictures and are definitely something I'll refer to when designing my own patterns. I hope future issues have the same strong, substantial technique/styling articles.

The ruffle, drape & pleat patterns are not to my taste (they seem forced, with gratuitous details/shaping), but that's balanced out by the attractive patterns in the rest of the magazine.

I'd very glad to have purchased this (at ~half price) and will definitely be buying other issues, which hopefully have the same appeal as this one. Well done to the production/editorial team!

(Posted on 1/20/14)

Innovative and Fresh Review by Susan

I always regretted not purchasing a copy of this premier issue, so I'm glad the digital download version became available. I'm pretty jaded about knitting patterns and I purchase very few, but I found this particular issue to have several (at least five!) sweaters I would like to make and own. The articles were informative and well written. I highly recommend this issue.

(Posted on 12/26/13)

Knit Wear 1 Review by Janelle Taggart

What a great start! This is a fabulous magazine. Congratulations to Eunny and her team! Every single article has my full attention - I'm now going to be very busy. :)

(Posted on 4/21/12)

LIke a print version of Knitting Daily! Review by Starlysandra Cole

A friend on Ravelry told me about this new magazine because I was searching around for the perfect decorative rib for a sweater I wanted to start using Jacqueline Fee's "Sweater Workshop" book. In the premiere issue, there is a great article about using ribbing in a variety of ways, "Ribbing Inspiration" by Debbie Newton... and the *perfect* eyelet rib, *exactly* what I was looking for! I downloaded the digital version, on her recommendation, and I'm really glad I did! It was worth the cost for the inspiration for this sweater, alone, with a bonus of *several* designs I will definitely consider in the future! The designs and articles are informative & concise, and the photography is helpful and enticing. This *may* be my favorite Interweave magazine now. I also really like KnitScene, but this one may displace it as my favorite.

(Posted on 12/25/11)

absolutely fabulous Review by Elizaveta Gavrilova

absolutely fabulous, congratulations to the editorial team! i wish i could get a printed version (and a subscription) instead of downloading.

(Posted on 10/13/11)