Knits of Yore DVD

Join Susan Strawn in a close look at some curious, perplexing, and estimable historical knitted objects from the past 200 years.

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A close look at some curious, perplexing, and estimable knitted objects from the past 200 years.

Susan Strawn has scrounged through antique stores and flea markets, tapped into her museum connections, and accepted the generosity of strangers to come up with the intriguing range of knitted objects in this video. From 15th century child’s mittens to a 20th century patented design system, she offers fascinating insights and observations on what we knit and why we knit. Heavens, you’ll even see radioactive knitting needles!

In addition to the old knitted items, Susan demonstrates how to interpret a 1930s drop-stitch pattern, how to make an Amana-style picot edge for socks, and how to start a starburst panel for a knitted cap. She shares, via downloadable PDFs, patterns for a pair of silk mittens and knee-high lacy stockings.

Serious, experienced knitters will be intrigued by the range of techniques, and more casual knitters will revel in the poignant stories and social insights.

Topics include:

  • Knitted bags and pockets
  • Knitting for babies and children
  • Knitting for the troops
  • Knitting for fashion
  • And many curiosities that can’t be categorized!

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Susan Strawn

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596687837

Customer Reviews

Instructional Review by Diana

The material was excellent. The basic instruction was excellent. But, and please remember this is a personal opinion, I felt that there were two things missing.

First, not enough patterns. It's nice to have history, but if you are talking about knitting (stitch patterns, construction information, methods, etc.), there should be patterns. There were a total of two patterns, and I feel cheated.

Second, I found the author was so matter-of-fact, pleasant but not enthusiastic, about the subject, that it took away from my enjoyment. This is AMAZING stuff, and it was presented as if it were a shopping list.

(Posted on 1/2/14)

If you love the history of knitting... Review by Barbara McCay will love this DVD! It's thoroughly enjoyable to see and learn about knits from yesterday. I love this DVD! Susan Strawn's enthusiasm for knitting jumps through the screen at me, and makes me want to sit down with her for hours of learning! Lots of information, including a couple of techniques. Highly recommended to those who are interested in the "Knits of Yore"!

(Posted on 1/19/12)