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Knitscene, Fall 2011: Digital Edition

The new Fall 2011 issue of knitscene has something for everyone, with patterns for cardigans, sweaters, shawls, and more! Learn to customize knitted sweaters to fit your body, and how a seamless yoke sweater is made. Knitted lace edgings and laceweight yarns are also featured.
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Fall for 22 Stylish Knitting Patterns in This Issue of Knitscene Magazine!
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The new Fall 2011 issue of Knitscene magazine has something for everyone, with patterns for cardigans, sweaters, shawls, and more! Learn to customize knitted sweaters to fit your body, see how a seamless yoke sweater is made, and explore knitted lace edgings and laceweight yarns.


knitscene fall 2011

Knitscene Fall 2011


In the much-anticipated Fall issue, Knitscene magazine brings you the coolest in fall knitting.


With Knitscene Fall 2011, you'll:

  • Meet designer Amy Herzog, and learn from her the how and why of making mod knits
  • Discuss seamless knits and techniques for yoke sweater designs
  • Visit a London yarn shop for unexpected knitting delights
  • See new knitting products on the market and read trustworthy reviews
  • Go to Paris, France for a fashion diary with Kate Sonnick
  • Explore laceweight yarns and fun, fine projects 
  • Learn how to knit for your shape so your knitwear fits every time
  • And much, much more!

Plus! Knitscene Fall 2011 includes 22 stylish projects for the upcoming season. Explore outerwear, knitted lace edgings, seamless construction, and more.


This issue is brimming with fabulous must-have knits and need-to-know technical info. Concise tutorials back up the projects, which range from beginner to intermediate, with most patterns falling in the advanced easy category. Simple cardigans and quick accessories mix with more involved projects, offering something for knitters of all skill levels.


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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue

Customer Reviews

Knitscene Fall 2011 Review by Cynthia Proano

Knitscene magazine always seems to feature patters which are very appealing to knitters who want to be able to actually WEAR what they've knitted, rather than just look very pretty in photos. Some issues seem to have a very youthful aesthetic which is not appealing to me personally, but this issue seems to capture a wide array of styles without being either too urban chic or too dowdy. Some issues of Knitscene I have passed on because the styles were too youthful; attractive, just not for middle-aged women who may not be svelte. I do like the fact, though, that the men's styles which are included are stylish without being too boring, as I often knit for two teenaged sons. I have two suggestions. First, in the pattern instructions, the yarn that was used for the sample is listed but it would be much more user-friendly if the listing indicated the weight of the suggested yarn. Yes, it does list gauge, but it is a hassle to have to go look up the yarn on Ravelry to find out what weight yarn it is. This may be something that yarn sponsors would not prefer, but I think most knitters would. Second, I would love to be able to download Knitscene magazine directly into my Nook Color. I can download the jpg file that I purchased from past editions to my Nook, but I'd love to be able to subscribe directly. It is just a great way to get knitting magazines, and it does not appear that there are many that are available in that format. If Knitscene is already available as a Nook download, I would love to find the instructions or website from which to do that. **** Interweave Comment: Thank you for all of your comments. Presently Knitscene, Fall is available as a downloadable PDF and through Zinio. Watch for new ways and devices to get your Knitscene issues! ****

(Posted on 11/13/11)

Great patterns, lousy layout Review by laurie bobskill

This issue has the the most relevant (wearable, giftable, knitable) I have seen in any KnitScene issue to date. But ENOUGH with the choppy, sketchy layouts. If a pattern is worth including it's worth a full-page photo.

(Posted on 11/10/11)

Knitscene Fall 2011 Digital edition Review by Debbie Hayes

Nice patterns! I loved all the sweaters in this issue especially the Knit lace once.

(Posted on 10/7/11)

Knitscene, Fall 2011 Review by Emma Lidia Soltero Herrera

I like it very much, the quality, the patterns, the instructions and the images are so good.

(Posted on 10/5/11)