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Knitscene, Summer 2011: Digital Edition

Download Knitscene's first ever summer issue! The Summer 2011 issue is packed full of great summer knitting projects and fun, relaxing ways to enjoy summer knitting.
Digital Magazine Single Issue

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Knitscene Summer 2011Knitscene Summer 2011

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Who says people don’t knit in the summertime?
This is a dynamic time of year, characterized by long days, sun-lit activities, and wild color. We travel, we find time to relax, we spend time in air-conditioning and along the rims of volcanoes.
Knitting fits so well into summertime—it’s easy to pack; it makes plane and car rides fly by; it fills the idle hours waiting on a picnic blanket for fireworks; it’s the very relaxation we seek. Summer knits don’t need to stand shyly by while fall knitting looms like the year’s main event.
Knitscene Summer 2011 is brimming with fabulous must-have knits and need-to-know technical info. Every page is inspiring and lively, while the knitting itself is simple and fun.
Explore the wonders and simplicity of garter stitch, learn the magic of mitered corners on garments, meet young designer Amy Christoffers, and fall in love with the summer issue of Knitscene!
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What would Knitscene be without the patterns?

Get 26 projects that exemplify what every knitter wants from summer garments. In this first-ever summer issue, Knitscene explores plant fibers, quick and unusual accessories, great layering garments, and fun colors for the summer sun.

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Designer Collection

Meet the young designer Amy Christoffers who mixes fine art and knitting to create garments that have unique qualities. Every one of her garments contains texture, color, and a great use of detail that derives their inspiration from art, not fashion. Though Amy Christoffers has only been publishing her designs for a little over a year now, she is sure to be a name you’ll see again and again.


Summer Cottage

Create light layers and luxurious fashion statements. These garments are light, airy, but best of all completely chic. They are the perfect items to layer, accessorize and wear in or out. Luscious yarns and interesting details make these garments immediate staples for any wardrobe.


The Freedom of the Sun

Tank tops and t-shirts are classic summer pieces and these tops are sure to keep you cool. The light fibers and simple designs make these tops essentials for summer. Bright colors will add warmth to your outfit and unique details will make you stand out in any crowd.


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Sail Away with Garter Stitch

Go back to the basics with garter stitch—the all-too-often forgotten stitch in knitting. Take a look at the different styles that garter stitch can create and then put these into action with seven lovely patterns. Garter stitch takes shape with colorwork, striping, drop stitches, increases, decreases, and so much more!


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SKU: EP2997

Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue

Table of Contents

SKU: EP2997

Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue

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Customer Reviews

Knitscene summer 2011 pdf digital edition review Review by NULL NULL

Content Review: There were so many patterns in this edition of the magazine that I bought the magazine in both it paper and digital versions. I was afraid I would loose the paper copy and I wanted the digital copy just incase. I knit one item from the magazine and plan to knit several more. The patterns felt young and modern but not too modern. They are "wearable" designs, perhaps is the best description. Digital Format Review: Things to note: I am a computer designer/developer/programmer, but not a web programmer or graphic designer per sae. And my interaction with the digital copy have been limited, as I was looking for something in particular. That said, I liked the presentation/interface to the content. You have provide the traditional sequential (page by page) access, access to the content from the table of contents, and index access. I think all these methods of access are important and compliment each other. The index is very well done, presenting the project information together under the projects name is very, very useful and user friendly. The table of content access is a very nice tough too. I guess what I am trying to say its I like the fact that it still feels like a magazine but an augmented magazine. You have improved in the original notion of a magazine not destroyed it, making it both familiar and very usable. Note: I have the pdf version of the magazine not the zinio one. I have not had time to investigate zinio and it app yet and am not sure if I well purchase digital magazine if they require zinio.

(Posted on 10/20/2011)

(Posted on 10/20/2011)