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Knitted Jackets 20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary

Show off your personal style with Knitted Jackets, a folk-inspired collection of fun-to-knit wearable knitted jackets from knitwear designer Cheryl Oberle.

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Knit Jackets With Style

Knitted Jackets: 20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary is an inspiring collection of 20 step-by-step designs for creating wearable jackets varying from long to short, close to loose-fitting, and every design features gorgeous colors and textures. 

Knit Fashionable Designs without Elaborate Shaping
The structure of these jackets is, for the most part, simple; there is no elaborate shaping and most are designed to have a minimum number of seams, allowing them to be "knitted together" rather than sewn.

"These figure-flattering designs bring a contemporary edge to a variety of knitting traditions. Simple, classic lines provide a nice backdrop for a variety of techniques." 

Learn from Clear, Straight-forward Instruction.
In addition to clear patterns and step-by-step instructions, each of the 20 patterns in Knitted Jackets has detailed yarn information accompanied by the Craft Yarn Council's standard weight symbol. A dedicated chapter on Materials and Techniques makes yarn substitutions easy.
Knitwear Designer Cheryl Oberle has divided her book into three main sections, each with a selection of fabulous designs that can be worn every day.

Box Top Jacket from Knitted Jackets by Cheryl Oberle

Northwest Celtic Jacket from Knitted Jackets by Cheryl Oberle

Ivory Leaves Cropped Jacket from Knitted Jackets by Cheryl Oberle

SKU: 08KN1

Author/Speaker/Editor: Cheryl Oberle

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596680265

Number Of Pages: 144

Table of Contents


I: Simplicity- Simple Shapes and simple stitches are well suited to everyday jackets. The jackets in this section showcase special yarns beautifully with their straightforward knitting and interesting construction detail.
  • Box Top- A boxy, easy fitting jacket in highly textured wool
  • Tyrolean Jacket- Based on a traditional climber's jacket, this garment gets its name from the region of the Austrian Alps known as "Tyrol"
  • Three Sisters- Named for the three basic stitch "sisters" used in the design, this jacket combines stockinette stitching, a cable panel, and garter stitch
  • Seedling- This close-fitting cropped jacket is found in various cultures, worn when an extra touch of warmth or style is needed for the upper body
  • Rachel's Jacket- Rachel Brown, master weaver and dyer in Taos, New Mexico, inspired this simple, textured jacket knit in hand-dyed yarn
  • Cusco- Like traditional Andean garments made with alpaca yarn, this bolero-style jacket is soft, lightweight, and warm
  • The Wrapper- The two-by-two ribbing of this jacket in brown tweed yarn is a fall classic
II: Contrast- Light and dark, warm and cool, strong or subtle, the play of contrast defines pattern. In knitting, color patterns are often practical as well as beautiful, adding an extra layer of fiber for warmth and comfort.
  • Northwest Celtic- In tribute to the blending of Salish and Scottish settlers in Vancouver, this jacket incorporates Celtic designs into the Salish-style sweater
  • Dakota on the Side- The textures and colors of this jackets are achieved by using slip stitches, a simple two-color knitting technique that requires only one color per row
  • Baltic Bodice- This close-fitting vest has knitted sleeves often found in the folk costumes of Scandinavia and Baltic countries
  • Wabi Sabi- Inspired by the Japanese concept of beauty in simplicity, Wabi Sabi, this jacket is understated elegance
  • Bergen- The muted color palette of the Bergan cardigan is a variation of a traditional Norwegian "Fana" cardigan, named for a popular borough in the city of Bergen
III: Texture- The widely varied textures that can be created with knitting make it one of the most versatile of textiles. Here you will find jackets created with cables, knit-purl patterns, slip stitches, and even knitted lace. From the most traditional Aran cardigan to the Japanese-style hanten, texture gives knitting its "feel."
  • Bloomsbury Jacket- Named for the Bloomsbury group of writers in London, this jacket is a tribute to their talent
  • Puzzle Me This- The body of this cardigan is a combination garter and slip-stitch pattern that is complemented with one cable panel on the sleeve, saddle shoulder, and front band
  • Edwardian Day Coat- Inspired by Edwardian influences when the Victorian era gave way, this loose-fitting knitted jacket echos the styles popular when clothing became comfortable
  • Edo- The style of the knitted lace Edo is based on the traditionally simple Japanese hanten jacket
  • Little Edo- A shortened version of the Edo, this simple pattern is more fitted, knit with fewer rows and smaller needles
  • Ivory Leaves- The cropped structure of Ivory Leaves lends the air of a knitted lace shawl to a simple jacket
  • Scholar's Jacket- Alternating columns of stockinette stitch and cables give this jacket a classic style reminiscent of the grand stone facade of a venerable library of museum
  • Inish- Using only two cable patterns combined in a simple sequence, this jacket is inspired by Aran sweaters

IV: Materials & Techniques

About the Author

Cheryl Oberle has been teaching nationally and designing knitwear for several years. She has written for Interweave Knits and Knitters magazines, and is the author of Folk Vests and Folk Shawls (Interweave). When she isn’t writing or creating new designs, you can find her in her studio—Cheryl Oberle Designs, in Denver, Colorado—dyeing yarns for her popular line of vests and shawls. She has held annual knitting retreats for many years in Taos, New Mexico, and other Rocky Mountain locations.

'The designs are imaginative and interesting.'--Bangor Daily News

SKU: 08KN1

Author/Speaker/Editor: Cheryl Oberle

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596680265

Number Of Pages: 144